Attempting to recreate the dishes we had in France

Wanting to have something like the flavors we had in France, I decided to try to buy and cook some morels. I was going to try two different dishes, but things went a tad awry.

First, I bought some morels online from a place called Morel Masters. I got two pounds. I had only every purchased morels before in France from the farmers markets. I’d never washed them, but online all the advice was to soak them. I was so grossed out by the amount of bugs that came out that I put them in a second soaking of fresh water. I suspect that I lost flavor unnecessarily with that second soaking.

post soaking


bugs - the white ones are worms


The second mistake I think I made was to soak the mushrooms too close to cooking time. They were still thoroughly wet when I cooked them.


jidori chicken from A Cut Above


The last mistake I made was not cooking down the sauce, so it was too thin. It was late and we were tired. Good flavor, though.




I used goose broth from x-mas and thyme and marjoram for the savory.

I meant to make morels last night with sweetbreads but I forgot to soak the mushrooms in time, so I am making the same chicken recipe tonight! Wish me luck!

Whoa, those worms will get your attention, won’t they? We used to buy them at the farmers market when we lived in Oregon. A local chef gave me some a few years ago and I’ve bought them at WF. NO WORMS. And no washing/soaking. All I do is cut them in half and saute’ in butter with s&p. They’re one of our absolute fave treats. Poor you :frowning:

Welcome to the world of the forager. I see you found the underbelly. I got took last year for some crappy ones. Deal gone bad. LOL.:rofl:


Really? Wow! Thanks! I thought this must be the way they all come, only I never noticed the worms before.

I’ll buy from a different source next time!

I don’t worry about ‘cooties’ much but those were shiver-worthy.

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Same here. My husband complained about all the protein we were losing! :smirk:

Luck - probably too late to matter. Hope it turned out beautifully! Believe it or not Ralphs had morels last week. $50/lb but who uses a pound of morels?

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My WF still has them at $30/#. But they’re SO small. Bob reminded me that Costco had them a few years ago and some but not all DID have worms.

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I had a similar encounter with morels purchased from SM farmer’s market. Ended up chucking the whole bag, $$$$ down the drain…:sob:

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We were in San Francisco for several nights and I found these morels around the corner at a little meat etc. market. No bugs. $30/#


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