Audrey at the Hammer (Westwood): A Pictorial Essay

The Hammer Museum is always a worthy reason to sojourn to Westwood. With the opening of Audrey, the first serious restaurant within the museum, now there is yet another reason to visit. With time on the line at the likes of Blue Hill, Daniel, and Sauvage (Brooklyn), Chef Lisa Giffen and her garden-inspired menu emphasize a European flair. Let’s go!!!

Yes, of course there is art here! Tile installation by Cuban-American artist Jorge Pardo…

The Audrey: Blanco tequila, passionfruit, cinnamon, jalapeño, smoked salt… The signature cocktail here is nicely poured!

Oyster: Cucumber-ginger mignonette… Super fresh, well-shucked oysters. I could have had many more of these! Chef Giffen’s last stint was at an oyster bar, so it comes as no surprise she knows how to work with these guys!

Carta di Musica: Bottarga, Persian lime, chive… A pretty good flatbread appetizer, although I wished for more bottarga on board. The pane carasau was as good as any Italian/Sardinian iteration I’ve tried.

White bean hummus: Herbed jam, charred bread… Really delicious jam here - Excellent.

Octopus: Almond gremolata, paprika, pickled shallots… The octopus could have used a tad more tenderization, but overall a good course, as the flavor balance was spot on.

Hand-cut tagliatelle: Mushroom bolognese, smoked fiore sardo… Outstanding plate! The pecorino really accents the perfectly al dente pasta, and the rich mushroom taste permeates the tagliatelle throughout.

Jasmine East Side: Jasmine tea, cucumber, mint, lime soda… A refreshing non-alcoholic concoction!

Heritage pork porterhouse: Broccoli di cicco, dates, esplette jus… While I loved the taste and juiciness of this main dish, the pork was a bit too pink for my comfort on first cut, and so I had to send it back to the kitchen for a bit more time on the fire. However, the recovery from this misstep was masterfully navigated, because the second iteration of this dish was fantastic!

All the peas: Pardilla cheese, mint, marinated mushroom… Just lovely. A wonderful burst of the garden springs forth in this side!

Dessert time!!!

Selection of cookies: Chocolate chip & sea salt, pecan-lemon nib rocher, Meyer lemon shortbread, coconut-oatmeal… The server recommended the cookies, and he was right. The chocolate chip cookies are pretty much perfect, with semi-molten chocolate goodness. But the real unexpected delight was the pecan-lemon nib rocher - Its intriguing texture reminds me of a complex, grown-up version of Rice Krispies treats. A perfectly pulled cappuccino rounded out a very nice meal.

Art on the bathroom walls…? It IS a museum after all!

Service was cordial and professional. An automatic 20% gratuity is added to all bills at Audrey (my server definitely earned it, and then some).

Categorizing Audrey at the Hammer as a great museum restaurant would be a mischaracterization, as the restaurant itself is worthy of a visit. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s situated in such a well-designed edifice, and in close proximity to some really impressive art. Westwood just got better.


Audrey at the Hammer
10899 Wilshire Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90024


The venue and the food look and sound stunning. Thanks so much. I couldn’t just give this a :heart: PS: This may be the first time ever that I’ve used a real emoji if that tells you anything.

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I had never heard of the Hammer Museum until this restaurant opened (saw it on Eater). How’s the art collection there?

Regarding the pork chop, how pink is too pink?

If you’re referring to the possibility of trichinosis, don’t worry. It’s long since gone from domestic pigs. (Yes, I worked in parasitology at CDC.) Or more likely just a personal preference/comfort.

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My visit and thoughts are very similar to @J_L’s. Excellent new option. It is quite pricey and there’s FIFTY DOLLAR CORKAGE!

The flat bread was fantastic, the octopus needed to be more tender.

The CITRUS SALAD (rainbow radish, Castelvetrano olive, pecans) was yummy - super bright and had such a beguiling dressing.

The BLACK COD (puntarelle, celeriac, sauce gribiche) was outstanding. One of the best fish preps I have had in ages. There was a delicious emulsion, likely the puntarelle, that I loved with the fish.

Pork chop was appropriately pink (for us), and super delicious.

Good cocktails and service and outstanding setting/build out.


Nah, the consistency/texture is what bothered me about it.


@CiaoBob The black cod looks significantly smaller than the pork. Are they both considered main courses?

The fish

The fish seemed like a “normal” amount of fish for an entree (I am not too good with ounces/serving but it was industry standard), whereas the pork was quite large. At 32 and 35 dollars respectively, the Bite-to-Price Ratio favors the chop.

Holy crap.

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Westwood isn’t exactly Trojan country lol… Check it out!


They better have a great wine list!

Wine list is online

Decent list there…not in the same stratosphere as Republique or Spago level.
I could see myself ordering something on that list or possibly stick to cocktails or bring my own anyway.

The Hammer has some good art. Have you seen City of Gold?

To me that wine list is not very interesting.

And thus I had a cocktail and a non-alcoholic concoction…

The Hammer doesn’t have a permanent collection, but they often have interesting exhibits. It’s a very easy museum to appreciate as the gallery space is relatively small compared to some of the other overwhelming behemoths in LA.

The Billy Wilder Theater is also there. Programming is always interesting as the theater is associated with the UCLA Film program.

It’s a good museum, but planning a visit is in order since they may not have anything on offer that you are interested in on that particular day.

Also, don’t sleep on the Fowler on UCLA proper.


There’s also a near-billion dollar Impressionism collection at The Hammer that no one ever seems to view (well, except for me and @JeetKuneBao lol)… Although I’m keen on keeping this little gem a secret, though, lest the Getty hordes find out about it…


As seen in City of Gold:

Yep. Y’all are right. There are a couple of good collections there! My mistake!
I go there often enough you’d think I’d know better.