August 2020 Rundown

Can it be possible that the food talker who is always late to the Rundown Party is starting this months thread? But I searched and searched and didn’t find anything. So… have at it!


I’m gonna blame the oversight on the morning Hayato bento rush.


Yesterday was a warm low 80s in the South Bay (of NorCal). Drove down to Santa Clara and tried the dining outside experience of Leichi and it was as to be expected, super happy.

A glass of their Seiden Omachi Junmai Ginjo. They carry all three versions of Seiden JG, each brewed with a different sake rice varietal. There’s also Yamadanishiki and Gohyakumangoku. The Omachi was a touch fruitier to my amusement and amazement.

The menu is limited due to current circumstances but I had to try their new deep fried offerings. The shrimp and yuba spring rolls are spectacular. Chef owner Nobu san’s kaiseki and washoku training from Tokyo shines, a very underrated chef, and the frying skills and construction and well reflected here. Think dim sum yuba shrimp but far more delicate

Deep fried oysters, man I missed this so much and their house tartare dip sauce was good too

Buri daikon, one of the quintessential Japanese comfort foods. The collar was especially fatty like salmon belly! This is actually considered home cooking. I love Japanese style braised fish.

Ending with their house made soba. A bit firm to the bite but refreshing in this weather.


That looks so great on a hot day.

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Not strictly August but the last week

Brambleberry Almond Frangipane from Fat + Flour
I really think Rucker is killing it with this new setup. Pickup two days a week and she knows exactly what she needs to make.

Sweet Corn & Blueberry Muffin from Sweet Rose.
Thanks for mentioning @aaqjr. I always forget about Sweet Rose but am near there a couple times a week. Nice little combo

Perle in Pasadena
Thanks @chewchow for mentioning.

Totally worth it.

Charcuterie Board, Escargot, Arugula Salad, Tomato & Burrata, Yellow Gazpacho

First charcuterie board in a while and I really wish I’d gotten a cheese plate to go along.

Only miss was the Yellow Gazpacho. Acid bomb. Totally delicious but couldn’t put down that entire bowl. Would have been great with oysters.

Coq Au Vin

Sole Mueniere


Oliboli Donuts
So happy to have finally made it here. Was a place I’ve put off for too long because of traffic but that’s not an excuse anymore.

I’d say it goes lemon > guava cream > cactus pear > croque madame & peach > maple > jam and ricotta

I was most excited for maple but it was too subtle. I realized I really love that classic donut shop maple. It was too much for me to accept the Oliboli version. I couldn’t do it.

But lemon blew me away, had no right to be that good. So pure.


Since I’d gone all the way out to Tustin I had to stop here after reading so many reports. I drank mine so damn fast. Then enjoyed picking at the fresh coconut and pineapple.


Paris Hawaii - waikiki French techniques hawaiian ingredients. Great tasting menu all this for 70 bucks!

Grilled asparagus with asparagus espuma

Charcoal tempura oyster with tomato reduction

Grilled big island prawn with coconut crumble and cocktail sauce

Perfectly cooked kanpachi although the dish didn’t come together as a whole

Rare lobster corn was so good!

Elevated take on loco mock

Niihau lamb perfectly cooked

Beach musubi from isayume

Vintage shave ice lilikoi and mango all real fruit flavors


La Cevicheria - Pico Blvd - Arlington Heights

It was Saturday night. We missed out on swanky-delicious from Providence. Didn’t want to scramble to find a maybe not as swanky-delicious replacement. A different route was taken - Modelo and pristine seafood eaten on a very clean, umbrella’d table on a sidewalk up against an auto repair shop separated by a chainlink fence covered with a couple of tarps (“more tarps“ to be extended down the street next week). :wink: It was evening and visible pests, bugs (flying or otherwise) were nowhere in sight.

Enjoying and photographing were not compatible in this setting. Luckily, I have a couple favorites in my stock photos from previous visits. :wink:

Fish Tacos

(stock photo) Always a treat are these perfectly batter-fried, crunchy, tacos w/cabbage, squirt of creme, thin slice of creamy avocado, a dab of red hot sauce & bright yellow, slightly sweet, insanely hot habanero sauce. I doubt these are made with anything other than tilapia but they are fresh, crunchy, avocado-creamy and delish. The Tortillas are fine - they don’t add or takeaway. :blush: $6 for 2 (highly-recommend xtra avocado $2)


(stock photo) Believe it or not we haven’t tried any of the Guatemalen-style Ceviches yet or their specialty, Pata de Mula (meaning mule’s feet, but really they’re blood clams), because we can’t stop ordering the Aguachile.:hearts: Super fresh shrimp, cucumber, red onion, extra avocado, salty, very lime forward (like me), serrano peppers, cilantro and added “when available“ is Callo de Hacha (meaning a corn on your foot & an ax, but really they’re scallops). $15 (highly-recommend xtra avocado $2)

Smoked Marlin Tostadas

(new photo) We saw the sign taped up. “Today’s Special Smoked Marlin Tostadas $8 for 2” and ordered them to-go without question, meaning we didn’t ask any questions… so I’m going by my tastebuds here - smoked marlin, shredded carrots, possibly leek, most definitely fennel or some kind of licorice-ish-ness, guessing worcestershire or soy sauce, V8 juice, lime… it’s needing more smoky, but still good.

Okay, so…

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. Okay, no, it didn’t. I just felt like writing that. What had happened was… our car got locked in the parking lot on Norton. Big. Empty. Free. No Sign! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Took an Uber home and when we went back the next morning for the car we re-upped some to-go Aguachile & Tacos… plus some trivia & food lessons from wonderfully, gregarious co-owner, Julio Orellana. Oh and a tip: park across the street in the Big. Almost Empty. Free Lot… where you can at least see when they’re chaining up for the night, plus it has better lighting.

Yes, it’s groundhog’s day…

At home I put my own Fresh Salsa Verde on the tacos (a combo of 2 recipes courtesy of Wes Avila via @Srsly and another from @DiningDiva). Note: if takeout these tacos should be eaten soon - the most obvious reason being the crunchiness but also the tortillas got stiff.

We were full and let this “cook“ a little longer for later. It was still special.

Aside from the hassles or maybe with the hassles it was some fun eating, Angeleno-style. Love having this little joint right in our zip code.

Oh and P.S… swanky-delicious was only postponed - Providence’s Busted Down on Bourbon Street is in the bag for Wednesday. :partying_face:


Your Oahu foray looks to be no ka` oi…

How is Senia doing?

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Is the menu only 70 bucks now? It was $95 when I went and $95 in your picture, are they offering a discount to entice diners?

If you feel comfortable dining in check out yakitori hachibei, one of my favorite meals I had last visit.


And here I told you to hang in there because l thought you were somewhere boring and missing L.A. So, instead, could you tell me to hang in there?


Hang in there! :sweat_smile:

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A new cheftestant emerges to vie for the coveted title of top :hocho: reheater


Thank you.

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Better yet come visit Oahu!

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It’s on special for the past week at Paris Hawaii I think they were doing a paycheck/covid special. Paris Hawaii built out their patio specifically because of covid, so because of that we were willing to dine there.

Hachibei looks delicious and has been on my list but we’ve decided not to venture inside for sit down dining. :pensive: hopefully soon!


Taking revenge on the Kraken!

Don’t tempt me. Knock, knock… “Honey? There’s a strange couple at the door… asking where the hungry hippos are?


Winning this challenge will really help to further my career as a reheater!


Those tacos and aguachile look great. Now I’m craving them and it’s only 8:30 am :grin:


Not sure if you drink sake, but you have access to a version of True Sake SF over there in case you have liquid fermented rice thirst and want to spice things up with takeout or cooking things yourself pairing!

575 Cooke Street, Unit B
Honolulu, Hawaii

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