August/September rundown

One Love Island Cuisine in Oceanside: had a combo with jerk chicken and oxtail over rice. Both meats were good, place and service were good. Scotch bonnet sauce was pretty spicy.

LouZiana food on miramar road: had catfish spicy creole po’boy (meh) and jambalaya (good), kids had fried shrimp (didn’t try)

Avant at rancho Bernardo inn: had ahi crudo (really good) and pork tomahawk (good). The place is nice albeit kind of overpriced and pretentious but maybe fine dining just isn’t my thing. Food was good.

If anyone (reads this site anymore) has any suggestions for good jerk chicken in SD, let me know, thanks


I had been thinking of trying One Love Island for a while now.

I am also interested in trying Felix’s BBQ with Soul, located in Oceanside, not for their bbq, but gumbo.

Jamaican Jerk Hut.

A food stand that can be found a local FM’s.

Thanks ipsedixit. I may have tried them before but can’t remember.

Always up for gumbo, thanks for bringing up Felix BBQ encinitan

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Mariscos German: brick and mortar in Escondido, had the smoked tuna and gobernador tacos and green aguachile tostada. Great stuff and the orange salsa was melt my face off spicy. Smoked tuna had a pastrami like taste and texture–outstanding.

Great wow on Fifth in Hillcrest: got xlb, thousand layer pancake, cold veggie plate and dumplings. Other stuff was fine but the dumplings were some of the best I’ve had in San Diego.

Ipsedixit wrote about this place when it was on Convoy. Unfortunately I don’t know how to link to his review.

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Just copy/paste the url for the easiest way to link: Great Wow (Convoy) ... more dumplings for San Diegans


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