Available: N/Naka for 2, 5:45pm, Saturday 3/10

I do not need this particular N/Naka reservation, so please let me know if you want it before I give it back to the general public.

AFAIK there is no way to transfer this reservation, I would simply cancel the res at some obscure time that we both agree on, and you would need to snap it up before someone gets the email notification letting them know a table is available.

I’ll take it. I have one night before at 9pm and this seems better. Thank you!

Can I have have your 9pm? (I just messaged you)

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well this seemed to work out great.


If others back out I will absolutely take this as that falls directly on my friends birthday and we’ve never been. Thanks for thinking of us!

I should start a n/naka reservation booking service.


Dude, just for the FTC board members.