AYCE Korean BBQ?

I would like to meet @nosh. Alas, I’ll be packing my kitchen for demolition. :weary:

Good luck just remodeled our kitchen and it was not fun

Thanks! It’s nuts!

Was there today. Quite good. Went with the $21.95 option and am still stuffed to the gills.

The spicy pork bulgogi was personally my favorite. The coal makes a huge difference.

The main problem is there are too many choices of eating establishments in the same center. Boiling Crab, Boos, ugh!! Honey Mee for dessert works, though :slight_smile:


Just went to Hae jang chon Dolgooi for their AYCE. Nice that you grill on stone. I really like that there are no tiers here, everything is included at their $25.99 price. No smoke and great service plus good quality meats. Place was packed on Sunday at 5pm. A one hour wait IMG_2924IMG_2926IMG_2925