B. S. Taqueria

Ended up here because both Google Maps and Yelp said Q is open until 2:00 when in fact the last seating is at 1:30.

Guacamole ($11) was eccentric, even without the salsa it was highly seasoned and sour. Good but I prefer the minimalist style.

Carnitas taco ($4.50) was traditional and very good.

“Rice & beans” ($6, in quotes on the menu) was seriously eccentric: Toasted Rice, Garbanzos, Cannelini Beans, Cotija, Fresno Chiles. Crunchy / chewy, spicy, and assertively sour, flavors reminiscent of Korean. Huge serving.

Nice to have Garcia’s food at a more modest price. Super vegetarian-friendly.


I agree with “eccentric.” I consider the “rice & beans” to border on disgusting.

I love spicy fried chickpeas.

I like the mushroom taco here


I like the guacamole, the beans, and the tortillas. And the churros, of course. And the salsas.

best churros in LA. rest of the menu has been so hit/miss for me that i can’t recommend it in good faith. :frowning:

those churros are absolutely the best, though.

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Chauncey just drove by. Lease sign is already up.