Ba Tampte Pickles in the San Gabriel Valley?

Anyone know where I can find Ba Tampte kosher dill jarred pickles in the San Gabriel Valley? I used to get them at How’s Market in Pasadena, but they closed years ago and don’t know of any other sources in the area. Thanks!

Well, according to their website these are the locations where you can find their products. Perhaps your local Albertsons or Ralphs (aka Safeway)?

I’ve tried many of the supermarkets listed on their website in the SGV, but none carry Ba Tampte pickles.

Have you tried these Albertsons locations, which according to the Albertsons website carries the pickles.

Ipsedixit, thank you for the locations list! And for the westsiders who enjoy these pickles, Western Kosher market on Fairfax carries them.