Babita Mexicuisine

Last night at 8, we were the only ones there. Later another duo arrived. Consumed beers, housemade chips and salsa.(tasty); fried macho bananas (delicious), soup of the day (actually 2 in one bowl, pretty damn good), crab chile relleno (good), and chile en nogada (stuffed with pork and, frankly, rather bland).

so you didn’t like the fucking joint ??? for the most part ???

or hmmmm…

the shrimp T is where’s the good are fucking located.

I liked it, but i would order a little differently next time. That shrimp is too fiery for my gullet.

i’ve seen the term, but what makes a banana macho? hair on the chest, gold medallions? drives a red corvette?

I think they are thicker. As in, long and thin, can’t get it all in; short and thick does the trick. They usually have macho bananas at Super King.

It’s a Mexican term for Plantain


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thanks, but i think i prefer my speculations

It is a very small place. Two times we went, it was half full or less. I wonder how they survived all these years.

They do a pretty good lunch business. There is a lot of money in that area, and surprisingly few places to have a nice business lunch. It’s what has also kept Tamayo and Villa Basque open all these years.


Is that a banana in your pocket or

Do we need to revive the “Banana Board”?

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I sit on many boards, yet I lust for a seat on the “Banana Board”…