Baby, it's cold outside...Soup!

I LOVE soup and love to know your faves to make on a cold, rainy day?
Tonight, I’m gonna make a cream of mushroom soup with gruyere melts…yum!


When I know it’ll be cold later on during the week, I like making a simple Chinese style broth with beef bones, ginger, green onions, and dried shiitake. I toss those into my slow cooker with chicken broth (or even just water) and just let it go for the week, replacing with fresh aromatics every day or so - it’s low key and very comforting.

I also really like root / squash based soups - pumpkin and turnip (separate soups) are two of my faves. I love the sweetness and it’s easy to play up the flavors with different spices or add-ins (for turnip soup, wilted turnip greens are fantastic and right there).

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Some earlier ideas here.

But like mentioned previously in that thread, I’m always down for some good egg drop soup. No matter what the weather is like.

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Made a big pot of split pea and ham this weekend . Used plenty of chicken carcass , some legs , carrot ,onion , celery and a little dried porcini for the stock . Simmered that low and slow for hours . Then made the soup .


Made some nice soup last night. Actually, Mondays have always been “soup days” in my family to help clean out your belly from all the crap eaten over the weekend.

It was a simple yet comforting pot of lentils, onions, carrots, and swiss chard with a chunk of crusty bread and some gooey truffled taleggio.


You all inspired me to make a crock pot of some Navy bean soup and Honey Baked Ham with carrots, celery, onions…
I won’t eat the ham, others will, but dang, it will be good for flavor.

Bought a 2pk of broccoli cheddar soup from Costco…
Pouring rain here in So. Cal.

Plume , How are you going to navigate around the ham ? In my soup the ham bone is cooked so the meat has fallen off . You would have to navigate with tweezers . Do you put in big pieces near the end so you can pick them out ? Raining good here to north of you .

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I would suggest maybe wrapping the ham bone in cheesecloth or some sort of satchel if you want to work around having meat flowing through the soup, yet still get that flavor.


Si papi…put in big hunking chunks for my DH so it flavors it and I don’t need no stinkin’ tweezers to pick out.
It is pouring like a mo fo here…LOVE!

Might do a split pea like what you did…love that soup!

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I use the smoked turkey leg from Sprouts. I cube it up in advance and then toss in the bone.

The smoked ham hock also works.

I do either a Tuscan style kale soup (with white beans, no bread) or split pea soup this way.


I posted this not long ago Zuppa Toscano

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I made greens with turkey legs and black eyed peas for New Years. I was rushing one morning and put the gelatonious greens and the black eyed peas in the same bowl. When I heated it up in the microwave at work this made the best damn soup. lol.

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Hi Plumeria,

This Ottolenghi red lentil soup is delicious. It was so much flavor. It’s convenient too as I usually have all the ingredients on hand.

I also like this roasted tomato soup from David Lebovitz. I usually make it in summer and serve it cold.

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I’m leaving now to the store to get red lentils STAT!

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I’ve gotta give Korean food another chance…

Where does this Chica go in SD to get my Korean groove on?
No meat!!


South Dakota? You’re going to South Dakota for Korean?!?!???


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Thank goodness Mercury Retrograde is over for now, else, I probably would of been re-routed to South Dakota for Korean.