Bad news today - Howlin Rays not going into Littlefork space

And the truck won’t be back out either.



That was some seriously fucking exceptional spicy fried chicken.

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damn, that really fucking sucks.

Why do restaurant “announce” themselves before they get the key? I mean… WTF? you haven’t closed escrow. Go negotiate your key money before emailing Eater.


Announcement dates do work in corporate though…but I doubt restaurant openings have regulatory or merger control issues.

I didn’t know that. Thanks man.

Sounds like you’re a securities atty.

And that ain’t no fucking joke.


You and I both know I’m not lol

Btw on a tangential note whatever the fuck happened to Littkefuck ???

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I chuckled.

Good news they found a space in Chinatown

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Gotta wait until CNY2016!