Bad Sushi, Pasadena

Someone was touting the rolls here to me over the weekend. Any info or thoughts? Yes, Bad Sushi is the name of the place.

A chain with another location in West LA.


If you’re gonna do rolls, do them at Hamasaku.

Thanks. Sounds cool, but I am in Pasadena. And traffic to and on the Westside does not roll.

Sorry, I meant that I’ve only tried the West LA “Bad Sushi” location, which was ‘meh’. I am not sure if the Pasadena location will be much different.

In Pasadena, try Sushi Ichi.

Thanks, J_L. You know your stuff. The main reason I inquired was the same person also endorsed Blaze Pizza.

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If you want to do the roll thing in Pasadena, Yes Sushi on Colorado, between Madre and and Rosemead, isn’t bad.

Koren-owned, reasonably fresh, some beautiful touches with the plating (they’ve started adding edible flowers). Don’t bother with the tempura (unless they’ve changed). It’s our default for visitors who are not ready for the more traditional options and my preference for those “I just want easy and tasty” nights.

Oh, all day Happy Hour, except on holidays, too.

Thanks. In Pasadena, I tend to favor Sushi of Naples for cheaper rolls, Sugarfish for more expensive stuff with better rice and Sushi Kimagure Iki for a splurge.

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My picks in Pasadena:

Takuya & sugarFISH => middle-of-the-road to good sushi (the edge going to Takuya for also offering great bento boxes)
Osawa & Sushi Ichi => Really good sushi
Kimagure Ike => Excellent sushi

Nice suggestions.

If you’re looking for bad sushi in pasadena try whole foods.

I’d stay away from any place named “Bad Sushi” or for that matter - “Something Fishy