Bakeries that Sell Real Hamburger Buns or English Muffins?

I seem to recall bakeries that made and sold real English muffins and hamburger buns. Lately, at every bakery I go to, the focus is on bread and pastries.

I can’t stand supermarket hamburger buns, even Whole Foods, and cringe every time I serve some beautiful burgers with crappy buns. I’d prefer sesame seed buns, OG-style, but any fresh baked ones would do. And English muffins, I need those too, big ones with nooks and crannies, that toast up nicely.

Westside bakeries preferred.

Huckleberry has English muffins.

Rockenwager has hamburger buns, not just the famed pretzel ones, but not sure if they have sesame ones.

Rising Heart makes pretty darn good vegan hamburger buns. Soft, chewy, but sturdy enough to hold at least 1/2 pound of beef and some accoutrements. It’s a little sweet, sort of like a sweet brioche, so if that a consideration, it might not be for you.


Awesome. I’ll check Huckleberry next time I go. I never noticed English muffins there. And I’ll give Rockenwager a call.

Try Gelson’s or Bristol Farms for hamburger buns. I think they each carry La Brea Bakery’s buns.

If you call Rockenwagner, ask which markets carry their buns. I’m not sure but I believe I’ve seen their buns in some supermarket(s).

Agree about Huckleberry English muffins which are also available at Milo and Olive. The Larder at Tavern sells excellent hamburger buns (not always available, so call first)

In case you want to take a stab at making your own here is a link to a very easy recipe that produces beautiful results, I can’t eat store bought buns anymore. I make hot dog buns from the same recipe.


I kind of don’t, but nice recipe. I’m a so-so baker. Some things are best left to professionals, lol.

This sounds great! Can I freeze the dough? I generally only use two at a time.

La Grande Orange in Pasadena sells wonderful English muffins, which make great hamburger buns.

Yes. So as not to high jack another thread I’ll post in Home Cooking about a trick I just learned for freezing yeasted dough.

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Bless your heart!!!

I hope my reply didn’t sound snippy! I wish I was confident enough to give it a shot. It does sound very doable for the bakers out there. Thank you.


LOL. I describe myself as “yeast-phobic” and at the not-so-tender age of 69 I keep hoping I’ll get over it :slight_smile:


Of course, no offense taken. I both cook and bake - a result of freelance employment often leaving me with too much time to devote to hobbies.


@ebethsdad How long would you bake said hot dog buns? I’d be interested in trying this out.

The same as the hamburger buns. I proof them in oiled baguette pans, and then bake them as I would hamburger buns. It has significantly cut down on my consumption of hot dogs (even Boars Head Natural Casing Franks - and I love hot dogs) as I can’t take commercial buns any more. Flour, yeast, and water are cheap - although time is not - play with it, and I am sure you will better my results. Please continue this discussion on the Home Cooking category as I don’t want to hijack a thread, yet again, and get the blue-faced guy mad at me. Freezing yeasted dough

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Huckleberry does indeed have English muffins, but at prices that will make you cringe. Try making them at home and you’ll never look back. They are easy to make, inexpensive, all the ingredients are usually on hand and they freeze beautifully.

The french bakery at the Mar Vista Farmers Market has EXCELLENT english muffins.


No way! The older French man and his son? (Next to the lonely vegan bakery man?) I buy their baguettes every week, their other breads are good too, but I never noticed English muffins.

Yeah. Although I always get helped by a young lady. It’s the large stand of all sorts of pastries. Up front, they have both regular and whole wheat english muffins. They do sell out quick though, so you can ask them for a custom order.


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