Baking steel

Anyone used these? Prices on Amazon range from under $20 for one that’s 0.1" thick / 8 lbs. to $115 for 0.5" / 32 lbs.

Link? I just signed up for Prime :slight_smile:

Just search, there are a lot.

Oops, I thought you had oops’ed :slight_smile:

I’ve thought about going to a metal fabricator.

I would lean towards the 1/2 inch . Thinking about retiring my Emille Henry baking stone for one of these. Is it really better. Any body use the steel and compared it to the stone or tile?

I’d love to have a convo about this. I just have a plain ole pizza stone.

thermal conductivity of steel is much higher than of stone (~20X) which means pizza for example will cook much faster.


The only real downside to steel (vis-a-vis stone) is the cost.

I know but it seems to be a much better tool in the long run . What it boasts is . It provides a quicker bake and better undercarriage.I am using a 70 percent hydration rate at the moment with bread flour in my dough recipe.

I have a 1/2" Original Baking Steel that I bought during its Kickstarter phase. I like it much better than the two baking stones I had previously, not least because I have not yet been able to break the steel, as I did with both stones. It works very well for bread & pizza. The only drawbacks it has are that it’s heavy, and it gets a little rusty now and then, even though I work hard to keep it dry.

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Now I can’t remember what I wanted to do with it.

There’s also this:

And the weight and that they can rust. We got one and it’s not quite love. Also, the pizzas take one minute longer compared to our previous stone.

Did you get the 1/2 " in thickness steel ?

We did and now it’s a PITA to take in and out of the oven (P is tall and prefers to have the steel on a rack in the middle of the oven).