Balmuda toaster oven

I’d like to make a recommendation, and add the Balmuda toaster oven to this list of discussions. I bought mine at Bic Camera in Tokyo, and hauled it back to America (requires a voltage converter). I’ve also been steadily seeing it at trendy cafes around the country.

It’s fun to use, in preparing different types of toasts/breads, and looks amazing on the kitchen counter. I find it something is more beautful to look at, and enjoyable to play around, I will find myself more likely to use it, than let it collect dust.

Would love to hear other people’s thoughts on this concept as well, an appliance that is beautiful to look at, and actually adds to the appearance of your kitchen, not add clutter and find itself in a cupboard.

Im curious whats so special about this toaster? I’ve seen it trending in Asia so I’m curious other than the cool design.

I’m guessing it’s the unique steam feature and fine temperature control. And there’s cheese toast mode and croissant mode…

$329 on Amazon. The black one’s a very nice-looking gizmo.