Bang Bang Virgin

Took the whole family to Marina Del Ray for dinner.

1st stop was Uovo. Have been on the hunt for pastas that aren’t just al dente but have the “spring”, where the noodle ever so slightly pushes back on your teeth as you chew. Finally found it! That said, we did the basic testing menu and I found the Basilico to be a but too bland (undersalted)and the Pomodoro oversalted though tasty. The Vongole was delicious though, savory, clammy and perfectly seasoned.

Not full we then hit HiHo burger. My 14yo powered down a cheeseburger in 20 seconds because he was afraid we would eat the pies without him. I snuck in a bite and thought it was ok… Way too rich for my taste and oversalted. Weird that it was such a theme that night because I’m usually a salt fiend. The pies though… We had the key lime and banana cream pies and these might have been the best bites I’ve had since moving to SoCal. Not cloyingly sweet as these pies tend to be, a real whipped cream layer and simply the best crusts on both. I cannot wait to go back and only wish they had more pies to choose from!


Love their pies there, especially the key lime pie. If you ever get to Fishing with Dynamite, their key lime pie is the best I’ve had in SoCal. Might want to order a couple of these bad boys.


So hard to get a resy at FWD! I have dinner booked for the family in mid May, mostly because of the key lime pie, as my 14yo loves a good key lime pie. We can’t wait!

At HiHo, I thought the balance of sweet / tart was spot on. Most places it cloyingly sweet, especially the meringue component. Here, I believe it was a layer of fresh whipped cream that was barely sweet and we couldn’t stop eating it. And that crust… most pie crusts disappoint, but not this one.

The banana cream pie was also delicious. Both pies disappeared in seconds. Feels odd to say it because bananas are such a simple fruit, but these bananas were perfect in texture, sweetness and temperature. Most BCPs are too mushy and overripe, imo.


Completely agree with this. HiHo’s key lime is pretty great (their banana isn’t so much imo) and FwD’s has been a stunner since they opened way back when.