Baohaus--Didn't Get It Before and Still Don't

Stopped by Baohaus where they have just opened with a limited menu of pork belly, fried chicken, fried tofu and fried fish buns, plus taro fries. I had previously eaten at their original location on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and was unimpressed. This time I tried the pork belly, chicken and fish buns. Nothing wrong with them, but nothing noteworthy either. I never understood the hype Baohaus got in New York. Maybe because mantou buns aren’t as common there as they are here. Baohaus is at #130 of Far East Plaza in Chinatown.

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You appear to not be susceptible to hype

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It was a good snack if you find yourself in the East Village in NYC. I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat it. I much prefer Momofuku’s rendition…and I’ve learned how to make that at home.

I believe 50% of their future traffic will be people buying singles while waiting in line for HR


I arrived at Baohaus about 5 minutes before 11 and felt a little silly waiting there by myself for them to open up while there was an hour’s worth of people waiting for Howlin Ray’s to open up.


I can confirm that I will be doing this, this weekend.

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It was okay, not bad and not mind blowing.

The Chairman Gua Bao.

I don’t like how it is not chopped up. It should be sitting in its own delicious juices. Missing richness/fatty and soul. Kinda dry, not enough braised flavor. Barely any pickled mustard greens/suan cai and it’s on the bottom.

Ahh f it, I was disappointed to be honest. Even more honest, if Baohaus was in Taipei it wouldn’t last a week.

That Apple Soda cost almost $3

That’s flat out wrong.

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What’s more wrong is Eddie Huang praising Fidel Castro and Chairman Mao with a Malibu view.

Fock Eddie Huang.

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Hipster being contra is being the ultimate hipster?

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[quote=“JeetKuneBao, post:9, topic:4617”]
Eddie Huang praising Fidel Castro and Chairman Mao with a Malibu view.