Barbacoa de Borrego

Aqui es Texcoco is pretty good. I’m a regular fixture at a barbacoa truck at the Mercado Olympic. Any other notable places?

There are a few around the Slauson Tracks/The 110 on the weekends (mine as well get a chicken or visit El Momo while you are in the area)

I haven’t been to Mercado Olympic in over a year!

Also Tacos Quetzalcoatl has a fine barbacoa with consome. The taquero, Mad Max is awesome! Be sure to try his other tacos

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Los Poblanos Restaurant on Jefferson Blvd. (between Normandie and Vermont).

Weekend only affair.

I would also check out Alameda Swap Meet (both sides)

I like the version at My Taco in Highland Park, chiefly because it is close to my house. It’s super tasty, with a cup of consomme and a special sauce you have to ask for. I call it Borrego sauce, but I think it has a special name.

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Gish Bac. Weekends only.