Barney Brown (Manhattan)

Has anyone tried the new sandwich customization and delivery service by Barney Brown?

I haven’t but I must say that their interactive website on building your own sandwich is awfully fun. For about 5 minutes, anyway.

So many free toppings too. Yep, I’ll take some apple slices and bananas, throw some Russian dressing on that please. Honestly a great little system they have there.

You could make a pretty tasty sandwich for just $6.

My $6 creation:

White bread, apple slices, banana slices, with honey and Thai peanut sauce.

Not bad for $6. Can barely buy a decent cup of espresso for that price in Midtown.

Considering I just spent 25 bucks for a burger, fries, and a coke at a burger shop-cum-deli, that sounds like the best deal in the city.