Bavel - Arts District

I wish I knew- I was going to treat myself a couple weeks ago and it was reported closed. They were pretty good about answering their phone previously so it might be worth calling and asking.

I also recommend any of the Cemitas Tepeacas trucks in a pinch- pretty consistent product and hours but I’ve never managed to get papalo there

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I’ll check it out if I’m in the area and report. At least according to google they are still open and also there are at least 2 reviews from a month back. Edit: looks like yelp is reporting closed but I never trust yelp when it comes to anything other than pictures.

So hopefully they were on vacation or something would be unfortunate to lose such a good spot.

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Just fyi I called them and the lady said they are open. If I have room after dinner I will order and report back.

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Dude, that’s awesome. Thanks for checking!

Didn’t make it to tortas df. But dinner at bavel was awesome. We had to wait over 20 min post reservation and it was way way too packed but what can you do.

Flavors were all bright and balanced. Grilled celery root and mushrooms were so smoky and meaty. Wish I knew how they do it. I’d like to try it at home. Bread and spreads so bingeable and made me so full. We decided not to do an entree.

Bestia > Bavel > Saffys


Whose got a good wine rec for bavel.

One or two bottles that might pair well for the whole meal. We are going friday.

Bavel’s somm used to be pretty good last I went, so worth asking them. I’ve taken sparkling rose through the entire meal there and thought it was great.

What you choose depends a little bit on what you order. If you are going to have seafood or anything you’d squeeze lemon on, love Carricante. For reds, you might go with one of the gamays or the Potazzine sangiovese. If having heavier red meat, I might also try the Syrah.

I haven’t identified anything on the reserve list btw. All of this is personal preference btw.


Likewise, I had sparkling rose champagne take us through the entire meal.


Sciacarello or Baga

I agree about Carricante and also might order the Cinsault blend besides the fact that it’s chilled


Nice list. Really eclectic selection by the glass. Maybe you can get a splash of the Kekfrankos, Fer Servadou, or Rossese (!) to see if you’d want a bottle. Those can be very flexibly food-friendly. All wines that I often love but almost never see on a wine list at all, let alone by the glass.

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