Bazaar Recs

Going for the first time tomorrow night with my girlfriend.
Anyone have any menu recs?

Hi @skramzlife,

Haven’t been in a couple years, so the menu has changed a bit, but some of the favorites we liked are still there:

  • Jamón Ibérico De Bellota Fermín - Acorn-fed, free-range ibérico ham.

  • Olives Ferran Adrià - Modern marinated in escabeche & traditional - it’s a little gimmicky, but fun, and one of Chef Adria’s famous creations (and an example of the molecular gastronomy at The Bazaar).

  • King Crab - Raspberries, raspberry vinaigrette.

  • LN2 Caipirinha - brazilian cachaca, fresh lime and sugar frozen by using liquid nitrogen. tableside service - Another fun molecular gastronomy thing, this time for a cocktail.

There are a lot of new items on the menu I haven’t tried yet, but hope this helps.


I’m glad this thread opened up as it gave me an opportunity to go online and look at the current menu. I’ve been holding out to go to SAAM sometime this year, but a trip to the main restaurant might be in order to try some of these new creations. Have to say, as gimmicky as it is, the Philly Cheesesteak is pretty darned delicious. And kind of messy, in a fun sort of way.


If it’s on the cocktail menu, in addition to the Caipirinha @Chowseeker1999 recommends, try the Salt Air Margarita. You have to try the Cheesesteak just because it is one of their signature dishes. Also really like the smoked whiskey cocktail.

I had very strong meal at Bazaar Mar in Miami recently, so hopefully Bazaar in LA has been keeping pace. At the very least, you are in for a whimsical experience. Don’t take the meal that seriously and you will have a good time.