Be Happy Ice Cream

Any of you all tried Be Happy Ice Cream? From my understanding, the ice cream is made by Chul Cho who now works at Erewhon as a buyer maybe? Unsure, ice cream delivery is a strange game. I think he once said he worked in desserts somewhere once upon a time? Surely, somebody has to know more than I do. Anyway, every couple weeks, he makes some different flavors and hand delivers them throughout the city (his delivery radius is huge) for $10 a pint. I believe delivery is free if you order three pints or more.

The ice cream is pretty damn good! This round’s flavors were as follows: macadamia nut, blueberry goat cheesecake, strawberry matcha, fresh blackberry, mango passionfruit, and toasted marshmallow straciatella w/ graham crackers.

Chul is Korean and often riffs on Asian flavors. I buy the strawberry matcha whenever it’s available, and the mango passionfruit this time is unreal. So is the fresh blackberry. In the past, he’s made a melon ice cream very similar to those Korean melon bars, along with a dragonfruit and friends flavor. Occasionally, a certain, new flavor won’t be amazing, but all in all, I keep coming back.

I feel with Antico, along with the usual suspects, LA is in a pretty good spot for ice cream these days. I’ve only had Antico’s vanilla pistachio–and while that was fantastic, I’m not entirely sure I preferred it to some of Chul’s flavors.

Follow them on insta @ behappyicecream


Yeez they already sold out for next weekend 2 weekends ago.

@chrishei could tell you more, he may be their best costumer. But then again lots of places can say that about him :joy:


@attran99 is a happy customer.


It’s pretty darned good ice cream!
I’ve been ordering on and off for the past few months thanks to @PorkyBelly. It’s been nice to have some amazing ice cream delivered to my front door.
I’ve actually been using it as gifts…I’ve sent ice cream to my family and my team as thank you gifts for busting their asses during these very unusual times.
I’m on deck for delivery next week. I’m really looking forward to Chef’s riff on s’mores. I also got the mango passionfruit. Admittedly, I did not love the Cap’n Crunch as much as I thought I would, but all the other flavors have been spot on.


It’s good ice cream. I plan to order in the next couple of weeks. I haven’t been able to order in the last month or so since my ice cream shelf has been full. Might have to upgrade to a micro mini fridge just for ice cream :grinning:


I’m out of their delivery range but hoping they expand soon to the OC. Lot of great reports from happy repeat buyers.

I’m back, since @hppzz tagged me. Chul (who I’ve known since high school) was formerly a pastry chef at Farmshop and a couple of other places, then ran the kitchen at Smitten down here and consulted at a place in NorCal before his current role as a floor manager for the Calabasas location of Erewhon, as pointed out by @set0312 (job security and benefits, since the wife was in a similar situation).

Been a day one supporter of Be Happy (when it was Inside Scoop Creamery). Really has fun with his menu conceptualization, and the product is great. Also, I think he’s trying to go egg-less where possible since re-branding as Be Happy. Hope that’s helpful for everyone - hope you’re all doing and eating well.


Just curious is he making it from commercial equipment or something you and I can buy like electric ice cream machine. We tried to order but it was out.

I believe he has a couple commercial-grade ones at home.

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Finally got it try it. It is very good clean flavors and great consistency.

Mango passion fruit on home made toasted French yogurt cake and passion fruit from the garden.


That toasted marshmallow stracciatella with graham crackers was ridiculously good. It disappeared quickly. And I don’t know how the crushed crackers kept so crunchy.


Yes, We have that too!

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I have a 4 pint order for Thursday I can no longer make due to car issues :frowning:

Any one interested? black sesame / harry’s / dragonfruit / watermelon

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I’ll take it. PM me on FTC for deets, please.

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i’ll take it if he wont :slight_smile:


I placed an order for the black sesame, harry’s berries strawberries and watermelon lime sorbet too, but for next week. Can’t wait to try!

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uh… ok. .like… how do i order/?? and is it better than wanderslut?

@Nemroz They post the flavors on their Instagram page

When they have a new post up, you can comment with your order or send a direct message to them through there. I paid through Venmo. This will be my first order so I can’t compare it to Wanderlust (which I really like) yet but some others on this thread can probably chime in.

uh… yall are refreshing their IG page to find posts regularly? i’m sure i’m going to miss out lol. i do want to try and appreciate yall