Beauty and Essex

Has anyone been to the LA branch of Beauty and Essex on CAHUENGA BLVD and can comment on the food. According to the web, it is a 10,000 sqft restaurant located behind a pawn shop opened by the Tao group in March of this year.

The menu’s sure all over the place.

Sure. Drake has been. Many times.
Me: not so much.


At the least the one in NYC, it’s the place to find another individual of the opposite sex to procreate.

That said, ironically, the food is actually above average, and surprisingly decent for restaurant cum douche-bag lounge. At least in NYC, stick to the apps and tapas style dishes and you can actually eat quite well.

Bring your own condom, however.


Don’t be a hater. “Passionfruit” is seriously catchy.

I was having a beer in Vancouver when some particularly inane pop song came on the sound system. I’d never heard it before, so I thought, oh, must be Canadian.

I was right. It was Drake.

@robert But it covers all the greatest hits of food trends of 2017 (and 2015, and 2016).

And how can someone not like Drake? @CiaoBob

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I just “transmitted” Ipse’s

suggestion to my female co-workers who will be going to B&E this evening by themselves.

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It has been a year and a half since I inquired about food at F&E. I just checked their current menu offerings and noticed that it has been streamlined substantially. Anyone care to comment? Is bringing personal protections still required?