Bel Air - tomorrow business lunch?

Is there anything worth going to close to Bel Air Hotel? Please don’t say Wolfgang Puck.


About 15-20 min drive down Beverly Glen to Century City to Hinoki & the Bird.
Perhaps a bit closer to Necco or Fundamental (Westwood Blvd)

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The Bel Air (the restaurant, not the eponymous hotel).


The Bel Air or Getty Center Restaurant (for the views). Further south, The backyard at W Hotel Westwood has a decent lunch burger.

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Good rec, but getting in/out of that place is quite the trek. #FuckTheTram

Why not?

Also, #tramsrock

I have exhausted the menu options and am trying to get them to try something different.

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Gotcha. It is very good, but also very safe.

How many in the group? I can check with my concierge friend from the hotel, but a lot of people head to Beverly Hills. CUT is a favorite.

Do they have lunch service?

The group can range from 3-8 people depending on who shows up. Not sure they want to drive to CUT either. We are meeting in Bel Air and then grabbing lunch somewhere close. The usual has been Wolfgang Puck because it is so close.

The Bel Air seems convenient enough to persuade them from the norm.

Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv’s house. The butler Geoffrey is a fine cook. Speaking of fine, Hillary the daughter, but she is a little stuck up. The other daughter Ashley is a sweetheart but Carlton the son is a huge cornball. Watch out for Uncle Phil he is known to throw guys out who hit on Hillary. Like literally throw you out.


All this fresh talk makes me want to eat a Philly cheesesteak from Philly West in (nearby!) Westwood…

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Barrington Court is just a few minutes away, and Il Piccolo Verde is very good.


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Thanks for the recs! Went to Bel Air and had a nice meal. The food was fine, setting and service was better.

I’ll try some more of these as I will be other there more. The Italian spot sounds interesting.

Bumped into Carlton who was guest lecturing with Tom Jones at Royce Hall.