Belcampo Burger Special

1/2 lb 100 day dry aged burger w/Raclette swiss, etc. and fries for $15 now through thursday 8/18.


100 day? Is that akin to eating a bleu cheese patty?


Yeah, I wondered that too. Is “noble rot” on meat a thing? Gonna head over tomorrow and try it out if I have the time.

i watched this a little bit ago and found it interesting. not the same, but possibly helpful in wrapping one’s head around an aged burger

Worth trying. Super beefy, but not overwhelmingly funky at all. Rely wonderful, though there are flavors present in an unaged burger that I missed a bit in this one.

Not worth the normal price tag, but for $15 it’s a must try.

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which location did you go to? Just read on eater they’re extending this to the 21st.

Went to the Santa Monica location. Figured I’d get a cocktail and do it right.

Also, can you link to the Eater piece mentioning an extension? Can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

Here it is, i don’t see anything about the extension on belcampo’s site though…

The 100 day old burger was so old it just told me to get off its lawn. Great deal for 15 bucks, includes fries and a drink and cheaper than their unaged burger at $18.


how did it taste, pops?

It was damn good, i agree with @frommtron very beefy but i didn’t taste any funk. Worth it at $15, not so much at the regular $28 price tag.