Belcampo buy one burger, get one free, through 2/25

They did the same at the DTLA location for us yesterday, but to be honest, it wasn’t it’s usual awesomeness. Even the gal at the end of the counter who works in the kitchen for Knead had to ask for more sauce which they sort of reluctantly gave to her.

maybe i’ll finally try it! we’re on 3rd.

Loved it. Thanks for posting. They kind of have me a hard time on 3rd. Wanted to see some sort of a posting?

I was thinking of heading down there this afternoon.

Any issue getting this deal? Did you have to show a posting (I don’t own a cell phone)?

I never saw the actual LA Weekly URL advertising this deal.

Nope, just mention “essentials” bogo deal.

Do you have any link? I was asked to show something. Where is this? What is a bogo? 25 posts and no link

In Santa Monica they had the deal this Tuesday - no paper necessary.

I was sitting at the bar - one of the bartenders did not even know about it. He laughed and said “No” when I asked if they had a the Essentials 2-for-1 burger deal. Fortunately, the other bartender overheard and told me (and his partner) that they had it.

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I just told the cashier about the “essentials” deal buy one get one free burger deal and she knew exactly what I was talking about. I guess some employees didn’t get the memo?

I got the… “do you have the posting” … no i don’t… “i don’t think we’re doing that”. i think you are… asks the manager, gives the deal

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first two visits to belcampo… in two days… Belcampo burger… and i dont eat much meat…

Carnivore double burger (apparently a beef, beef cheek, bacon blend)


Yup. Me too.