Belcampo Santa Monica Amazing $20 DineLA Lunch

I got the Sweet Chili Wings for my first course, which I believe are regular-sized portion, normally $13:

For my second course, I got the Steak Frites, which seemed like a regular-sized portion too, normally $22:

All this for $20!

Edit: I got a little too excited in wanting to post about the deal and the visuals, that I didn’t really comment on the taste. Since this audience likely won’t let me get away with that, here’s a few observations.

The wings were well fried, tasty, with a low, slow heat. Seemed to be just missing something, like maybe a little tang, a little more flavor, dare I say ranch or blue cheese dressing?

The steak perfectly medium rare, but was a little chewy. I’ve never had the Belcampo Steak Frites before so can’t compare quality or portion size of this dineLA one. So it wasn’t L’Assiette tender, but it’s still steak from an organic, grass-fed cow from Belcampo, so no complains at all.

Edit 2: Forgot to comment on the fries. They came out rather weak, but had staying power, if that makes sense. In other words, they weren’t that great hot out of the kitchen, but they didn’t get worse even after I took some (and some steak) back to work with me and ate them a few hours later because I was stuffed at the restaurant!


So it sounds like it was a good deal of average quality food? This is indeed an improvement for them, since my few previous experiences have been that it’s ridiculously expensive for average food (aside from the fries, although apparently those weren’t very good when you went, either). :frowning:

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I’d say it’s definitely above average food without factoring in price. But considering what you could normally get for $20 there, or anywhere really, you definitely get more/better than you paid for.

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Good report theoffalo. Isn’t Belcampo’s burger supposed to be the thing to get? I think someone here posted an article about “best bang for your buck burgers”… gourmet price burgers anyway.

Yes, I think they have one of the best gourmet burgers in town but I couldn’t turn down the steak frites.

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Had the Belcampo burger yesterday…$13 no fries included…i believe thats true because my friend and I shared an order of fries…burger was pretty tasty & juicy and bun held up but fries were quite average…Not likely I’ll dine again at Belcampo…best part of experience was GCM! why cant i post a photo?

The steak & frites look really good though. Better than they actually were I guess.

They’ve gone up in the last couple of years. I think they were $8. and $5. for the Fast Burger.

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I feel like my comments on the steak frites have come across too harshly. I’ll put it this way: I’m definitely thinking of going back to Belcampo for this dineLA lunch deal, and I plan on getting the steak frites again and not just because it’s the best value.

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Just don’t go today.

Just got back from GCM, and 90+ degree weather in an “un” air-conditioned food hall, with a bunch of other hot and sweaty people, makes everything taste like shit.

…and flies!

I didn’t taste the flies. But I trust your judgement.

Okay, maybe I wrote it wrong. I was thinking of all the flies buzzing (and landing) around. Hot, sweaty and open food containers are mecca for flies.

In al seriousness there were no flies.

That’s amazing and good to know. They must have good zappers or traps. Why can’t all places take those precautions?

That’s exactly how I like my okonomiyaki-ya in Osaka, in front of a hot grill, with a baseball game on TV in the background, at the height of the sticky summer, with a frosty cold tall-boy of Kirin Ichiban, perspiring along with a slew of salarymen at my side.

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Very descriptive. Sounds fun.

I didn’t think you still mingled with the rest of us 99%-ers.

We are the 99%-ile (but only on our SAT scores)…