Belizean Fish Market

Adams and Western area. A small corridor of Belize. Most Angeleno’s have probably no clue. I don’t even think JGold has ventured around here.

Lucas from Eater does have a video and an article on this place but neither the video or the article mentions just how good the Belizean Stewed Beans are!!!

I don’t think I ever had beans this good. Comes with rice and plantains. Upon learning more Belizean food, stewed beans and rice is a staple and pure soul food. Everyone does it a little different, at BFM it is rich and savory. One of the best things I eaten this year.

I went on a Saturday and oxtails were the special of the day. Fall off tender! Also tried the panades, they came with this really good onion relish that you top off.



Trying to upload a pic on my poverty iPhone

Oh well use your imagination as they say

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Sounds like a great fish market

Have you had the beans at Belizean Paradise on La Brea? Wonder how it compares. I go to this one often

Joan & Sisters, right? Went there about a year ago. Fried fish, rice & beans - All great. Thanks for the reminder.

No. Joan and Sisters is close to Exposition and Belizean Fish Market is near Adams there are also a couple of other Belizean places along that stretch of Western to MLK.

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