Best bagels in the valley

Hey guys,

Im looking for a good bagel shop with home cured lox and other sides (whitefish, tuna, etc). Im in the Encino area but am happy to drive a little way if there is a great place somewhere in the valley. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Pop’s Bagels

They deliver.

Lodge Bread in Woodland Hills delivers on all except the bagels using rye bread instead. Delicious. Perhaps BYOB (Bring Your Own Bagels)?

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Not sure where to get the fish.

The most serviceable bagel in the valley IMHO is Abraham bagel. Consistency has been an issue for me but that’s where I’d end up when I didn’t feel like driving over the hill.

Ventura and Woodley in Encino.

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This looks like a catering outfit though. Do they also have a brick and mortar?

Brent’s in Northridge does a great whitefish salad. Not sure where they source their lox and their bagels aren’t anything all that special, but you’ve got one of the three.


OP asked for “home cured” otherwise I 100% agree with your rec.

We need a Russ and Daughters here.

As for bagels, I’ve probably been to every bagel shop in the valley. The valley for the most part is Manhattan Bagel, Noah’s (not a bagel) and Western (not a bagel), with a couple of other bagel bakeries and scattered donut shops that say “we have bagels.”

Bada Bing off Fallbrook was okay when they first opened. Haven’t been back but others I know give mixed reviews.

NY Bagel Cafe In Sherman Oaks is another just ok place. Once I was there and they had day-old in their bins and didn’t tell anyone unless they asked.

Abraham is an old I & Joy turned Manhattan turned Abraham and they seem better than Manhattan.

I’m in Sherman Oaks and for the Sundays when I want the good stuff I drive to (in order of preference) Original Brooklyn Water Bagel, Belle’s, or NY Bagel and Deli on Wilshire.

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No, but they deliver.

Brent’s in Northridge does a great in house BBQ Cod and a very moist smoked whitefish


Went by to give them another shot and they are gone.