Best Bites LA

Give me some ideas to put in my mouth

Some of mine so far:

Kinjiro uni risotto

Cherry trout and uni at mori

Gjusta gprime rib

Howlin rays chicken sandwich

Dumplings at luscious dumpling

Key lime pie at fishing with dynamite

Kampachi and foie gras chawanmushi at raku

Bestia bone marrow

Huckleberry doughnut at sidecar


Sounds like an end-of-the-year list. In May.

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Great bites!

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Roasted butternut squash with Dukkah, Moruno.



That looks amazing! :slight_smile: Was it on the sweet side, or what was it like? Thanks.

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Agreed looks great. I’ll have to try that for dessert.

It is not a desert but an appetizer :sunglasses:

Savory with some sweetness. Together with the grilled stuffed squids, they were my favorites. Great Spanish wine selection as well.


My favorite item at Raku…soy glazed foie gras


:+1: :+1: :+1:

How did I miss this item in all my visits to Raku?! I must try it next time… Thanks. :slight_smile:

I dunno. I kinda like a rolling tally. Usually by the end of the year I forget things. Or am too busy with the holidays and recovery to go out. Or even worse have someone rave about a seasonal dish that may or may not ever appear.

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We are into serious food porn here…wow! That uni risotto looks unbelievable.

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Bacon at Gjelina


Langer’s Pastrami on Rye


I mean how do you even cook that bacon to make it turn out so perfectly

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“Musang King” durian


Hot Butter & Salt Donut at Sidecar Donuts Santa Monica, simple yet maybe the best donut I’ve ever had…


A quick rundown of some super memorable bites when I was down in your fine city last week:

Tempura Endo’s abalone tempura with some butter on top, self drizzled a little soy sauce on top. Heavenly

Connie & Ted’s: Coromandel New Zealand oysters (they didn’t have East Coast Belons unfortunately at the time of visit), the pairing with sake was excellent

Fried shiro ebi at Mori Sushi (the YOLOmakase platter)

Yazawa Yaki (kind of like a Kansai style sukiyaki, thinly sliced pristine piece of marbled wagyu grilled, rolled up, then you dip it in their special egg sauce and savor). Then you save that egg sauce and pour it on top of their curry rice with fried egg on top…

And of course, the signature bone marrow dengaku at Kinjiro

Last but not least, the cabeza taco from Leo’s truck


Come back often and teach more about sake, and other esoteric Japanese lore!

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