Best bites of summer so far

Homemade yogurt (North Park Produce)
Pickled daikon with red pepper flakes (H-mart)
Bacon wrapped turkey leg (Del Mar fair)
#19 (Langer’s–LA)
Mango ice cream (Fosselman’s–LA, but can get some flavors from Flossie’s in SD I think, wasn’t the same for me though)
Scallion pancake (Earthen–LA)

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oops, sorry, should just say #19 at Langer’s in LA, didn’t mean to emphasize it in any way

Grilled corn after seeing Los Lonely Boys at the SD Fair…
Quesadilla with guacamole at Roberto’s on Carmel Valley / Del Mar afterwards…yeah baby!

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This is easy.


Both Tasty Noodle House and Liang’s Kitchen offer passable renditions of scallion pancakes. The latter is more bready, the former more green onion-y. So depending on your preferences, you’ve got choices.

Live Maine lobsters were 10 bucks a pound over father’s day weekend at Gelson’s. Those guys were so sweet, we ended up having some Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Nearly everything what we had at J&I in the last four weeks in SD when we visited about 10-12 times. Many new dishes each time with great creativity from Anthony and Bradley especially. Not a single bad dish.

  • One last TBL3 with Trey, Jon, Lori and Masa all in the kitchen with some of the best dishes (amazing use of Chino Farm produe) and progression we yet had at Georges

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Almost forgot,

Strawberry rhubarb pie (edelweiss bakery)
Fresh live lobsters (major market, thanks for reminder little stevie)

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Mr. Softee at Petco…damn, dat sh*t is dang good!
Mr. Frostie…:icecream:

I get my fix at McD but with you 100% on summer soft serve!

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The SO thought I was nuts, but had a Dole Whip at the fair. I found it right across from Chicken Charlie’s. I don’t know why I like it so much, I know nostalgia, the fact it is kinda hard to find, but I really do like the taste of it. They even gave you a little paper parasol stuck into the soft serve. Yes there were no tiki birds, but if you close your eyes…

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Lappert’s in Scripps Ranch has dole whip year round.

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I knew that, and I keep forgetting about it. With the summer starting to heat up, I have to make the trek out there on my lunch hour.

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I realized when in PV earlier this year that McD’s had soft serve…

They had a walk up window, just for soft serve, that was always busy and I realized, for one, that was a totally bitchin’ idea, to have a walk up for :icecream:

I sometimes get the kids meal at Chick -fil-A, chicken nuggets, fries, Arnold Palmer and it comes with a cup of soft serve …how frigging great is that…all for about $4+!

The chicken nuggets are a thing of beauty, that are white ass chicken and none of that pink foamy crap!