Best Brownies?

My friend’s mom hasn’t been in the best of health. I’ve heard that she’s been craving brownies…a nice, well-balanced, fudge-y brownie that’s hopefully not too sweet…the meds have affected her taste buds so her palate is now super sensitive.
I’ve been poking around using the search feature and have read the raves for Gjusta’s brownies. The Culver City area is a tad bit far for me to get to. Does anyone have any suggestions? Looking to go within a 30 minute (in no traffic) radius of Whittier.
No suggestions for me to make her brownies need apply.

I liked the brownie at Valerie at GCM.

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Beverly Hills Brownie Company

They deliver.

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Thanks, ipse! Your knowledge is truly staggering.
The options and website looks great…and then I click on Order, and nothing happens. Their website must be down. I just E-mailed them to see about processing an order.
Much appreciated.
Post Script Edit: After some digging around, it looks like the Beverly Hills Brownie Company closed their store front in early 2016. I’m hoping their delivery business is still operating. Guess I’ll have to wait for their response to my E-mail.

@A5KOBE If i’m free this weekend, I’ll likely head over to GCM. I do enjoy the non-chocolate treats at Valerie. Thanks!

Hmm, didn’t know they even had a physical store. I just remember receiving a box of their brownies a while back from a client. Sorry for the dead-end.

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My favorite brownie in the whole city is at Clementine, but that might be a little far for you. Sycamore Kitchen has a good version and is closer.

Maybe somebody can weigh in on Pitchoun’s? I’ve not had theirs, but they’re downtown.

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Clementine BH is closer, but unfortunately, not open this weekend. Will try to hit up Century City when I’m next in the neighborhood. Thanks, @helen_s!
I’m probably going to do a run around town to pick up various brownies on Saturday…might as well shower her with brownies to see which she’ll enjoy the most. Sycamore, Republique, and Valerie at GCM have made the cut. Going to sneak in a stop at Milk, too…my brother likes the brownies there.

if G&B has brownies (they probably will), get one of those while you’re visiting valerie.

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Didn’t know their brownies were noteworthy. Not a fan of coffee so I usually walk right by it. Thanks!

Probably too late for you, but the brownies at The Mighty are great. Dense, chocolate-y and not a hint of too much sugar.