Best Buffet in Vegas?

What’s the best buffet in Vegas? I’ve been to the Bacchanal Buffet and Wicked Spoon.

Any others even warrant a mention? I know there are many better food options, but somebody I know wants to go to one.

Thoughts? @A5KOBE


I have only been to a handful of buffets and can honestly say they trend towards quantity over quality.

Bachannal was okay, the smoked prime rib was probably the best item I had there.

My favorite buffet is the Jazz Brunch at the Wynn, only on Sundays in the morning. Very high quality food, view is amazing, and drinks included. It was pricey for brunch, but IMO the food and drink matched the price tag.

Reservations recommended.

They have food that is ready to eat, small buffet style and also dishes you can order from a menu that are cooked and served fresh. All inclusive.

I was suckin down oysters and gravlox, feasting on fork tender filet mignon and drinking Irish coffees. The mignonette was tasty with the oysters.

But overall, I tend to shy away from buffets, just not my thing. Jazz Brunch at Country Club is probably the only all-you-can-eat place I go these days.

I love Vegas buffets. I like being able to pick and choose little bites of food.

The Venetian and the Bellagio buffets are my usual places to go and relax with a real newspaper while my lazy, hungover friends sleep in.

I am definitely giving Wicked Spoon a try next time I’m in town, thanks.

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Jazz Brunch sounds good, but won’t be in Vegas on a Sunday.

The Wicked Spoon is one of the only buffets I’ve seen that serve bone marrow. For a buffet, I thought it was pretty solid.