Best Cantonese Style Roast Duck in the SGV?

Not sure where to go these days since some of the places I’ve had them seem to be just OK, like Sham Tseng and Sam Woo (Alhambra). Like to get one for a family dinner tonight since Thanksgiving dinner didn’t quite work out last night.

Really enjoyed the roast duck at Ho Kee (Arcadia location) recently.

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Interestingly, that’s where I went. It is a pricier than most places at $28 for a whole duck.

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Like beef pho, a good roast duck might come down to timing (if you care about the skin)

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I have only learned of the slightly crisply skin in Cantonese roasted duck that others had commented to be characteristic and desirable in this recent thread. I am not sure if it is timing or not, I stumbled into Sunny Shine BBQ by accident, wanting to go to Corner Beef Noodle next door at 8:30pm in the evening when the Sunny Shine is ready to close. The crispy skin that I had must have been either a fluke or the way they keep them crisp in their display cage.

Some deli/take out sections of Cantonese restaurants do sell a regular roast duck, and one that has a crispy skin, which is considered a Cantonese version of the Beijing duck but without the pancakes/buns and the garnishes. The crispy skin ducks are limited in number. You must have gotten one. The price for these are a few dollars more than the roast duck.