Best cocktail bars?

I know that this opinion is not popular but I actually agree with the bar in that case. You don’t have to dress up in a suit to go to a restaurant or bar but there should be also some basic requirements like no flip flops, shorts etc.


I don’t agree or disagree with the bar. I just thought it was funny. From my perspective, it is a low-class place where young people get drunk, but they are turning us away so we have to spend $500 at Majordomo.

Personally, I don’t care what shoes other people wear and I don’t understand why you are looking at my feet.

Buddy this is Los Angeles those are my dress flip flops and shorts


Curious - What makes it “low-class”?

I could see pretentious maybe (are their bartenders still wearing lab coats?), or overpriced, or not well-crafted cocktails.

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The Wolves was a great tip I got here from @beam on a similar ask earlier this year, but I was looking for DTLA only.

Welcome to FTC!!!

Bar Sawa

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I take back the “low class” comment. We only went there once, early in the evening before Majordomo. Not many people there. It was a nice place. I have no beef with Apotheke. I just meant that fundamentally it is a bar where most people are going for the purpose of getting intoxicated, so from my perspective it is not the kind of place that should be judging people’s shoes.

Here are the flip flops for the record.

Also I get a pedicure every two weeks!

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Now I can understand the bar even more on their decision.


No shorts or flip-flops when it’s 100 degrees? Fuck that.

In food chat rooms showing feet!


Actually that’s exactly the kind of place that would judge someone’s dress. Bars like that devote a lot of effort to creating a vibe that attracts their clientele.

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He thought it is the foot talk central discussion board


With no prices on the menu but the general drink average seeming to be $18 I didn’t really feel like this was a place where people go to get smashed. Certainly the handful of times we went there it was more for a quiet drink that (at first) was decent enough if you could look past the pretension.

Again, not really a fan of the place after our last visit or two and it is kind of hard getting a bead on whatever it is they’re trying to achieve. I’m a little curious what the NY location is like and how well that translated.

And I appreciate that they do for the times I go to those type of spots. It’s not some laid back neighborhood spot, and if I’m going, it’s because I’m choosing to party in a more hip/refined space for the night. The other nuance is that if one were dressed really well and happened to be wearing sandals, they’d probably let them in. They’re likely using it as an excuse to cultivate the crowd rather than a hard and fast rule. Nightclubs do the same thing, using hats and other apparel to deny entry to those they want to deny.

We had incredible cocktails at the Steep LA “Steep After Dark” evening weekend service in Chinatown. They are tea-infused and some of the most well balanced and thoughtfully made drinks I’ve had in recent memory.

Some nice small plates too and plenty of courtyard seating next to Angry Egret Dinette.