Best Cupcakes

Had Sprinkles yesterday. Pretty good. Where else for your cupcake thrills? How much is a Sprinkles cupcake? No prices on the website. I guess if you have to ask…

I am a big fan of Susiecakes…great moist peanut butter chocolate and red velvet.


Not a fan of Sprinkles personally.


Same here. Too dry for my taste, both cake and frosting wise. And the dots on top irk me. You’re called Sprinkles – put some friggin’ sprinkles on your cupcake instead of that red and blue dot!


Not a big cupcake fan but have really liked since from Lark Cake (Silver Lake and in Pasadena). In fact, their two vegan cupcakes are delicious!

We’ve ordered the Lark carrot cake a couple of times for parties - it’s rather wonderful.

We were at The Village at Topanga this weekend and were walking by Susiecakes. Because of your post, we decided to stop and try out some of their cupcakes. They were great! We got 4 cupcakes – chocolate mint, red velvet, mocha, and the peanut butter chocolate, plus we also got a slice of the coconut pineapple cake. Everything was fresh and moist. I got the peanut butter cupcake for myself and loved it – it was the perfect ratio of cake to frosting. Glad you mentioned them!


I like the cupcakes at Clementine much better than Sprinkles cupcakes.