Best dish or two for lamb liver?

I just bought a half a lamb from my CSA and the package included 2-3/4 lbs. of liver. Suggestions?

Lucky you! Next half lamb I get (local and grass fed) I’m going to specifically ask for some of those ‘esoteric’ pieces. I don’t care for calves or chicken liver so will be interested in the flavor. Hope you get plenty of responses.

I think lamb liver (because it tends to be more tender than chicken or beef) is perfect for stir-frying.

You can take inspiration from this Serious Eats recipe. Really no different than stir-frying julienned beef or pork.

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If you don’t like lamb or chicken liver, it’s unlikely you’d like any other poultry or mammal liver except maybe foie gras.

I know you’re probably right. But I want to like it :slight_smile: It looks and sounds so good. Love foie :slight_smile:

I made this for a cookout yesterday:

I didn’t want to have to light two batches of charcoal, so I did the first bit in the oven, 30 minutes at 350, ended up a little overcooked so 20 would have been better. I also did two kidneys, those turned out juicy and perfect. Great recipe. I used a teaspoon of cayenne but could have used two or three.

I had about a pound left over, so today I made chopped liver with Indian spices, lard in place of schmaltz, crisp bacon in place of gribenes, and some jalapeños. I think it’s delicious.

Bravo , Robert , :clap: