Best gluten Free Hamburger Buns

What Store has the best? Don’t say lettuce, it’s not the same. Thank you.

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Don’t say gluten free, it’s not the same :stuck_out_tongue: (i don’t know, sorry)

Ha. Thanks for answering though.

Lulu, I’ve tried a number of different gluten-free breads and rolls, including Udi, Schar, La Brea Bakery and home baked. So far, I’d have to say my winner is Against the Grain ( Their products are typically available in the Bristol Farms and Whole Foods frozen section. I particularly like the Original Baguette and their frozen pizza, but haven’t tried everything yet.

For a hamburger bun, I’d go with their Original Rolls. I’ve also had the Vermont Country Rolls, but I wouldn’t recommend them for hamburgers.