Best mass produced clam chowder?

After an abysmal cup of clam chowder from work, I think I need to just start bringing some from home. Is Boudin’s from Costco my best bet?

I don’t have a Costco membership, so I can’t comment on Boudin’s—but I think that the clam chowder @ TJs in the fridge section is pretty good. it could use more clams, but the flavor and texture are decent.

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You can find Bar Harbor Chowders in Whole Foods. The are really good considering they come out of a can.

That’s the only one we eat in our house. Pick up the Boudin’s sourdough bread at Costco too and pretend you’re in San Francisco. My kids love to make up a couple slices of toast and dip it into the chowder.


This was the brand previously recommended to me and I did not enjoy it at all. YMMV.

Bristol Farms

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Chunky canned (get the regular version, and NOT the healthy version). Do not dilute it.

What brand?

Campbell’s Chunky

Come to think of it, this pretty much sums up my food philosophy lolz…