Best Menudo in Manhattan is @ Shu Jiao Fu Zhou

Well, ok, maybe not technically.

But for a great bowl of good beefy tripeness, it’s hard to beat the beef tripe noodle soup at Shu Jiao Fu Zhou. Good broth, tender tripe, and chewy (not of the Q variety) noodles. All for less than $5 (incl. tax).

And, they have rollback prices on frozen dumplings. 50 for $10. That’s freaking 20¢. Each!
But if the freshly prepared ones are any indication, you get what you pay for.

Shu Jiao Fu Zhou
SE Corner of Eldridge and Broome

Oh nice! Fuzhounese tripe soup. I’ll try it! Have you enjoyed anything else there? I like tripe but my girlfriend finds it kind of gross and would rather have something else. :slight_smile: One problem I’ve had before in some Fuzhounese restaurants is that they allow smoking. Any smokers in this place while you were there?

I’ve only had the beef tripe noodles (thin vermicelli ones), and a taste of the peanut noodles as well as the dumplings.

The dumplings are completely unremarkable, and the peanut noodles can be quite heavy and monotonous in texture and taste if you don’t liberally partake of the Sriracha on the tables.

And as this is a Fuzhou place, I suppose the fish balls are something to try, but I have not yet as I’m just not that into fish balls (insert locker room joke here).

And, no, the limited time I was there I did not spy any smokers. But it wouldn’t surprise me if certain long-time clientele did.