Best NYC pasta place?

Who does pasta better than anyone else in the city. @ipsedixit, what is the NYC equivalent of, say, Bucato?


If someone else is paying, Marea.

Ahh, an impoverished grad student (myself) is paying… but I just checked the L’Artusi menu and it looks manageable! Thanks for the recommendation.

Second Marea.

Also consider Osteria Morini for something less expensive.

Lupa as an oldie but goodie.

The last time I went to Lupa, I had a pasta that was almost inedibly salty. Even if I weren’t currently on a low-salt diet, I’d hesitate to go back. I liked Morini, though.

I was underwhelmed by Lupa.

L’Apicio does excellent pastas.

Ahh Morini looks really good too.

Would y’all recommend the tasting menu at Marea or a la carte? I have a $250 open table gift certificate I was actually considering using there even before your and @ipsedixit 's input.


With that budget you can probably also supplement with some a la carte items, depending on which tasting menu you go with.

You can also sub/swap dishes, just make sure to ask your server.

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I would do a la carte and just get the good stuff (uni/crab pasta) and then drop the rest on caviar or Raveneau but that’s just me.

That’s what I’ll do. I’ll report back eventually!

I am not a fan of Marea. After trying it twice, we crossed it off our list. You can read all about it in this post on my blog.

I do think Michael White serves some of the most delicious pastas anywhere (and that includes at Marea). If I were using a $250 gift certificate, I’d do so at Ai Fiori or at Vaucluse which though it’s White’s French restaurant has several pastas on the menu. We’ve been to Ai Fiori many times over the years and have always had a wonderful experience in every regard, i.e., food, service, and ambiance. Since opening in September, Vaucluse quickly became a favorite. Having had several meals there, we totally disagree with Pete Wells’ negative review.

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Good to see you posting here @RGR

Thanks, @Porthos! I’m also posting on Hungry Onion. How about you?

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Signed up but the LA jokers are all here so here is where I post. :wink:

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I like Ai Fiori a lot, maybe too much.

But I eat from Ai Fiori so often that it just doesn’t feel special anymore, as sometimes I will have 2, or even 3, meals there a day.

I gather that you live on the West Coast (CA?) but travel frequently to NYC. When you’re here, do you stay at the Langham Hotel (formerly the Setai)? If so, it would make sense that’s you’d eat at Ai Fiori so often since it’s located in the hotel.

We have a house in NJ and an apartment in Manhattan. When we’re in the city, while we do like to try new places, there are many restaurants we go to regularly because they please us immensely. I don’t think there’s any such thing as liking a place too much.

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Another vote for Osteria Morini, If I have to pick one that would be it
Marea’s Fussili is legendary. I talk to chefs in other countries who try to duplicate it.
Lincoln also makes some nifty pricey pastas
I somehow still never been to Ai Fiori

Yes, to both of your questions.

Sometimes I wonder if I enjoy Ai Fiori not so much for the food but for the convenience.

Ai Fiori will also do breakfast in-room if you ask the concierge.

RGR, It took me a few minutes (and a trip to Salzburg earlier this year) to understand the title. Very clever!