Best of Crenshaw Blvd

We did Pico Blvd. what about Crenshaw? Phillips BBQ and Gus’ssss. What else?

How long is Crenshaw? It doesn’t cross the whole city, does it?

It goes all the way through to Rancho Palos Verdes, so I’d say it crosses a few cities.



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Saturday Farmers Market at at Wilson Park on Crenshaw and Jefferson in Torrance.


Especially the Rice Man by Koda Farms stall.


Most of the restaurants in Baldwin Hills Plaza don’t have Crenshaw street addresses, but practically speaking I think you can say they’re on Crenshaw. Post & Beam, Mexicano and Kickin Crab are good options. And with the closure of Hokkaido Seafood Buffet in the Westside Pavilion, the Americana Buffet in the Baldwin Hills Plaza Mall is your best Chinese buffet option for many miles in each direction.


That rice is as exceptional.

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We like - not love - Mexicano. We also found out that they’re “dry” on Sundays - no alcohol.

Red Rock and Nijiya in Torrance are on 182nd a couple blocks off of Crenshaw. The Jolly Oyster Seafood Market is in the same shopping center - haven’t tried it though I am curious is anyone has.

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Bluff Cove Olive Oil.

Why? #BecauseBestOliveOilTastingEver

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Good to know. I buy bird seed next door to them.

Wild Birds Unlimited?

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Koda Farms Rice has a cult following; The best Japanese rice grown here. I’ll have to check this out.

Also on Sepulveda: King’s Hawaiian Bakery
In PV, Ichimian

I’ve always wondered about that random store but never had the time to go in and check it out. Will now make time with your endorsement. :smiley:

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Brother’s BBQ, Crenshaw and 77th. Better than Woody’s and WAY better than Philips. I think people only go to Philip’s because it’s close to the 10 or they have an inexplicable love of celery salt.

Also, at the extreme southern end, Hakata Yamaya was probably my favorite Japanese restaurant in all the Southland. I’ve mentioned it on this board but nobody ever seemed to pick up on it. Apparently they had a big reno and menu overhaul over the summer and now it is no longer the affordable, cozy, perfect old Japanese grandpa spot to eat offal yakiniku and motsunabe. Anyone been since July?

Philipps BBQ hot links with the “mixed sauce” is pretty dank. Give me some bread or a roll and I’ll be a happy camper.

Those links are from Pete’s on Crenshaw x Jefferson. Chances are you’ve had Pete’s links without realizing it.

Taco Mell on Crenshaw near Leimert Park.

Earle’s is back

I tried Pete’s Links a few months back. Was not personally impressed.

I agree with you @bulavinaka they seem to overuse some mealy filler in their hot links, it looked like a lot of fat and filler with no real meat and a one note spicy flavor.