Best of LA for the budget-minded among us

u really calling 59.7 miles in 1hr 16 mins a problem rn :laughing:

I’m always looking for good hot sauce, and I’ve never heard of this one. Just ordered the habanero one on Amazon thanks to you. Can’t wait to try it! :slight_smile:

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If you’re out in Pasadena and not trying to go to the SGV/eat Chinese food,

  • First of all, what the hell is wrong with you (I’m just kidding)

  • El Pollo Unico is probably the only place I can get out of for close to a fiver (EDIT, probably closer to $7) and it has to be cash. That white meat is surprisingly pretty juicy.

  • Mediterranean Cafe – good 'ol family style business, $10.50 for a couple chicken kabobs, rice, pita, hummus and some sauces which isn’t too bad. I like the rice (more rich, tad more salty) and hummus (creamier) more than Zankou Chicken, even if the kabobs themselves aren’t all that up to snuff. Great spicy sauce, too, by the way, they don’t play around.

  • Bhanu Indian Grocery Non-Veg Thali (Butter Chicken) is the one. ~ $10.99 I’ve had a lot of ~$8-11 thali’s since starting work out here 3 years ago, Bhanu is tops from my experience. Not quite Artesia-level Indian food but definitely serviceable and I love that naan.

  • Hainan Chicken rice @ Cluck2Go off Colorado $8.95 for the hainan chicken special. I’ve eaten a lot of Hainan chicken, this some good-ass Hainan chicken.

  • Regular Sini Manti @ Su Beoreg Manti Factory ~ $9 IIRC

  • Roma Market on Lake ~ $6 for The Sandwich, awesome Italian sandwich spot

  • Golden Palace/Golden Horde/Golden Mongol If you’re thinking quantity… This place has a lot of different names but it’s the same place off Rosemead and Colorado. < $10 for AYCE Mongolian BBQ. Not the cleanest place on earth and no, they don’t clean off the grill between cooking (that’s where all the flavor comes from, duh) but if you’re about to starve for a long time this is the play


The most flavorful ones are obviously fresh made. The hardest part is getting the recipe - practically no one gives that up.

Any of the lunch specials (esp. the Ume-Shiso Soba) at Ichimi Ann Bamboo Garden



The lunch special at Jangchung-Dong Wong Jokbal.



You said Belizean 8 times but didn’t point me to a restaurant lol. Paradise or are there more?

India Sweets House weekend masala dosa special… finished off with jalebi



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Western between Adams and King
is the main drag for Belizean hood.

You got Tracey’s, Joan and Sisters, and Belizean Fish Market, and Ella’s.

oh chet! got a favorite?

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Belizean Paradise $6 +t


What is that? Red beans, rice and…

Looks like pintos, rice, plantain and chicken thigh or pork.

Wi Jammin was nice and clean today, it can be on the greasy side. Great beef patty and brown stew




looks good
haven’t had a beef patty since I lived in NYC
brings back good memories

How is a beef patty different from a hamburger without a bun? Seriously asking.

It’s a pie with spicy, saucy ground beef

Crust is flaky more like a pie. The beef definitely has a kick and some curry.

NYC pizza places sometimes stuff them with cheese and pepperoni. Sounds gross but it was delicious especially after a few drinks.

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And it’s called a “beef patty” not a “beef patty pie” or something? What if you just want a beef patty? Is this like Five Easy Pieces?

Jesus. You do have Google, right? Why not just google it and see what comes up?