Best peking style duck serving buns?

This. We generally default to Sam Woo…but it’s just that, a default option.


Which Woo?

Sam Woo in Irvine. Several steps below Duck House in Monterey Park IMO.

That looks incredible :tongue:. I wonder where the favorite spots are in Chinatown?

Peking Duck =/= Cantonese Roast Duck

While I agree with you, 99% of the time it’s going to be listed as Peking duck on the menu.

Aww snap I didn’t know Woo prepared the accompaniments Peking style. Never bothered to get it or my family.

The best Woo is Alhambra/Valley location, which is probably one of the best for roasties in 626. I love that place.

The Sam Woo’s in Chinatown were good, but they left the hood over 20 or more years ago I think.

Sam Woo in Chinatown merely changed it’s name to Hong Kong BBQ. We can only guess the reason for the change in identity.