Best Pizza by the Slice?


Me three!

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Bummer… their hours are slightly at will. You also have to check the hours of the “square slice” - it seems to have its own random schedule. :slight_smile: Looking forward to your opinion.


…dipped in ranch sauce…


:shocked and dismayed:

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'cuz you’re in that FTC percentile of the curve.

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Just visited il romanista although I hate their hours and sometimes odd openings and closures they are still cranking out excellent Roman style slices, taste way better than eataly roman slices.


Not by the slice but got a Grimaldi’s pie and couldn’t wait to get home… so I ATE it by the slice. Yeah, still my favorite.


How well does Grimaldi’s travel? I’ve only eaten it there since my office is right around the corner.


Travels great. I have left a pie out of the fridge and even for hours at the beach and the crust stays crispy. They don’t put the sauce on the dough rather dallop it on the cheese before baking.


just wanted to note great 3 slices at Triple Beam Sunday…sausage, the crust, the sauce, cheese…perfect…great flavor…sadly, I had planned to go to the Lodge Room as a great jazz hero of mine was playing there at 8pm…thought id have 3 hours to kill in Highland Park, but sadly learned the jazz show didn’t start till 10:30…couldnt hang …very cool looking bldg and bar but I had to split…


I also went to Triple Beam over the weekend and I have to say, either it was an on day or they’ve gotten markedly better lately. I really loved the slices I had! The sausage and leek was particularly awesome, and the pepperoni and mushroom was delicious as well. Margherita great as always.


Bait and switch?


Seriously, Srsly? I’ve never had a less than great slice at Triple Beam…glad you had a + experience!


I’ve always thought it was good, but these slices the other day were really excellent - better than the one time I went to Il Romanista, and honestly basically as good as some I had in Rome (though different).

Also had a garlic knot, which was fresh out of the oven, doughy, and brushed with a helluva lot of garlic and oil. Delicious, especially with a little cup of their super bright marinara on the side.

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yep, bursting with flavors!


Is there a line on weekends?


I haven’t really seen a line there. Perhaps 2 or 3 people in front of me whenever I go, but that’s about it.


no line when I went Sunday around 3:30


Pretty good list

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Stopped in at il romanista today. Supposed to be on a diet but I couldn’t resist. Had an arribiata, sopressata cherry tomatoes, spicy tomato sauce, and some Parmesan, bursting with tomatoey flavor and spice . Also had a a sausage and mushroom, great fennel flavor and the mushrooms were earthy and tender. Both slices were insanely delicious. The dough is so good crunchy on the sides airy in the middle.

Someone mentioned that IR was owned by an American, but one of the two guys working was speaking Italian to his friend which I found interesting.