Best Pizza by the Slice?


The owner is indeed American I met him! His family is from Rome but he was born/raised in LA.

My move at Il Romanista is to just get one of each!


You mean like 10 different slices? That’s pretty epic! Do you eat it all in one sitting?

Maybe he was speaking Italian to a family member then :man_shrugging:






Hiho had a 20 minute wait for burgers, so I decided to give Paperboy another try. I’m sad to report the pizza has only gotten worse. Way, way worse. Just look at this disgusting diarrhea of oily cheese and soggy crust:

I knew I was in for trouble when the server handed me a knife and fork with the pizza even though I hadn’t asked for them. I couldn’t finish either slice. Frankly, that whole food court is dead and depressing.


I didn’t know any of us ate at 3rd st promenade.


:rofl: Like I said, there was a 20 minute wait at Hiho, and it was a Monday so Bay Cities was closed. Plus I’ve been wanting to give these guys another try because the pizza at least looked promising.

I will say, if you have to eat on the promenade, you can do far worse than Hummus Bar Express.


I work 5 blocks away so head there for lunch sometimes (Bruxie, STRFSH, Silverlake Ramen). Burgerim is opening soon as well.


So sad! Joes is still pulling some decent slices. The crust has no flavor…but is crisp and airy. The sauce is always good and they have a Sicilian now. Sadly they always sell out of Garlic Knots!


looks promising


Very surprised there are no reports on Bootleg pizza yet from @lapizzamaven @Dommy or @Bigmouth.

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I hate that Margherita! lose the damn fresh tomatoes! jeez


ah, ha! did I read that Bootleg Pizza is a pop up?..if so, thats too much trouble for me…when they go brick & mortar I might try it!:wink:


the above pizza looks nothing like a Neapolitan Pizza

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No slices but some of the best Neapolitan pies are at Highland Park Bowl.

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I know… Things have been a little sniffly at the Sunny Bungalow but once we get back on the streets we’ll be sure to hit it…


I wish you would move to the Westside and tell us where to eat here. That would be so great. Maybe just for a year or two?

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Three nights a week at the same location.

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looks good but too narrow a window for me


I wonder how Rustic Canyon Group’s new “New York Pizza by the Slice” option will turn out? Per Eater: