Best Pizza by the Slice?


W/ all do respect to @Bigmouth, F*CK YES.


I was interested in a link in the article that said Gino’s East is opening here in Sherman Oaks. Italian beef sandwiches nearby —- I’m doomed.


Gr8pimpin, I would appreciate any info about the sausages.



Love the way that pizza looks.


Not sure what info you want?

@lapizzamaven, my wife is going to NYC next week. She lived there for 10 years until 2011. She wanted to go back to the Original Grimaldi’s, but I THINK I’ve convinced her to go to Juliana’s, which now sits where Grimaldi’s (Grimaldi’s moves next door) was when she last ate there.


Note that they shut down for an hour every day @ Juliana’s to clean the oven between lunch and dinner service.


Thanks read that. So have you been there? Thoughts?

Edit. Just saw your post with photos. What did you think?


See pics above.

It was fine but when I tell people about memorable slices I had in NYC it wasn’t really a contender for me. Line was really long though so :man_shrugging:

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Sorry, noticed photos after I posted. What was your favorite?


Out of the places I went to Prince St is the only one I consistently talk about. The only ones I missed that I regret missing are Artichoke and Patsy’s DiFara’s. But Patsy’s DiFara’s is out in BFE and you gotta commit like half a day to eat there so it wasn’t worth that much to me.


I hadn’t heard the whole story about Patsy’s vs. Grimaldi’s vs. Juliana’s.

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Most of the folk I know preferred Grimaldi’s to Patsy’s. I assume you never went to Grimaldis. Curious how it compares to Juliana’s. Btw, my wife didn’t want to go to Prince Street. She’s not into Sicilian and that seems to be what they’re known for. I would think that would be your cup of tea since you’re so into the pepperoni cups LOL

@robert yeah, the whole thing is crazy. Until recently, I thought Patsy’s was Patsy Grimaldi, not his uncle.


I was not into pepperoni cups until Prince St…

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yeah, talk about Prince St Sicilian! id try Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop, too…in Greenpoint

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For Sicilian. Hows their traditional?


sorry, never tried their regular slices!


Omg drool


Did not take a photo, but had a slice of clam and garlic pizza at Village Pizza in Larchmont yesterday andit was great.


It’s in East Harlem. I used to go there on my lunch hour. Are you thinking of DiFara?

The pizza is better but not worth the wait imo. Plus there’s something very special about a Patsy’s slice, which kind of straddles the line between street slice and coal-oven.

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I’m going to be in NYC in July. I’m actually from Queens but never been to Patsy’s. We are going to be around Central Park one day. How long does it take to take the 6 up there? I’m wondering if it’s worth a detour with the kids.