Best Pizza by the Slice?

my main complaint about Prime is the stingy toppings…a rare, tiny “kibble” of sausage on their slices

Hah! the less said about Lamonica’s, the better

that’s sad, Gr8pimpin! I just saw your photo…they’re fortunate they didn’t serve me those 2 slices! Opening Day should be a time to put your best foot forward, not a time for making excuses…And look at that tiny, greasy pathetic looking pepperoni slice…and he laid it right on top of the other slice…jeez, I’m getting pissed just looking at that photo! you showed great restraint, Gr8pimpin!

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Just tried Danny Boy’s Famous Original Pizza at the Halo center in DTLA. Chef Danny Holzman helped open up the minichain Meatball Shop Alon NYC among other accomplishments. They serve NY style and Sicilian slices. Got one of each (pepperoni) and both are legit (read: fantastic), especially the Sicilian.

The pizzas are pretty reasonably freshly made but then reheated in their Pizzamaster ovens.
The crust is crispy, giving way to a chewy middle. Particularly the Sicilian has a slightly oily crispness, yet feels light and airy without being dry. Nice crispy pep chalices, just the right tang in the tomato sauce.

The only drawback is that they are only open from 11-3 (lunchtime) on weekdays. I hope that’s to give them time to build their chops and eventually open longer.


If you’re an older Bruin, do you remember the pizza place called Two Bears from Italy at the Cooperage at UCLA?

I was unimpressed with apollonia. the crust was extremely dense and chewy, reheating just made it worse.


Save your square slice cravin for a bang bang of Angelo’s (Upside Down Jawn) and Sarcones tomato pie.

Sorry to hear any pics of the interior?

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Top picture would be a great Halloween costume . Pizza Cat .

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The square looks good. Was that the overly chewy or did you get some NY slices?

On my couple of visits, The NY slices I had were just ok. Some hard overly crunchy reheats.

The squares though I really liked. I thought they were far superior than the NY slices (reheats).

Watching the fresh NY style pies, though, coming out of the oven, I couldn’t help but think those would’ve been much better.

Funny, I think most places do whole pies better than slices (like Prime) except pizza wagon. I almost like their slices better than the whole pies.


Milo SRO closes on October 10th. Mass e-mail from the Rustic Canyon group indicated staffing issues. And apparently a retrofit required by the city. The e-mail said they’re not sure what they’ll open next there.

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Circa 80’s and 90’s? I used to love that place (though I knew less about pizza than I do now, and I don’t know much). Kind of a non-Chicago cheese-heavy deep dish.

sorry didn’t get a pic of the interior

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it was the square


Disappointing. Was that your first time getting that pizza?

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Hey Gr8pimpin and all u pizza lovers! just had my first fresh pie at Prime in West LA…in all the times Ive had Prime, on Fairfax, Little Tokyo or SM, it was always reheated slices…today I met a friend at SM Blvd for a fresh Grandma Pie w/sausage…It was a perfect pie…not sure if I could find anything negative to say about it…hopefully, I’ll have a photo soon but it was pure perfection…crust had a nice chew and just right crisp, seemed like the sausage was a bit more generous than what always struck me as sparse on slices…and the sauce was perfect! Im a happy pizza boy!


it really is a great pie
so happy to have it close to my work


yep, first time.

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Yeah, it may be too close for me…ha,ha!