Best Pizza by the Slice?

Finally had a moment and parking to go to Prince St., Pizza on sunset.

I like the crust on the Square. Not my favorite but it’s crunchy but it was surprisingly not as light as I’ve heard.

Almost no sauce, likely because it’s covered by 500 pounds of so-so pepperoni. Yes, I said so-so. Because they’re cooked to death they are a tad dried out. I like pepperonis, so it’s nice to have a pile….

…But in all fairness you could put them on a piece of white bread and I’d probably be just as happy.

The margarita, was so saucy most of it ended on my shirt and my lap. Most Sicilians I find are saucy, like Pizza wagon’s, but this version I really did not enjoy much.

I don’t know what the F happened to the photo

OK, so now I can say I have been there. And I have zero reason to ever go back. They look impressive….

…but I would much rather get a pizza wagon pizza and order triple pepperoni on it, if I want a megadose.



That honestly looks disgusting and you mine as well head straight to Cedars cardiac cath lab after eating that.


Prime Burbank was :100: today


Why do they hate toppings in the center? :joy:


Tailbacku - my theory - they tend to fall off without support.

yep, the LA pizza scene is not what it was 20…or even 10 years when any NY based pizzeria could open and be welcomed…you better bring your A game these days! Gr8pimpin, Did you try the squares at Prime yet? if you go, get a fresh pie!

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Yes, several times.

Each time I have always gotten soft, focaccia-like, zero-crisp pieces… though I do like how they are topped.

I feel if I could get Pizza Wagons Sicilian crust topped by Prime, I’d be set.

But I do need to try a Prime whole square pie. The reviews on them here seem solid. Many of the FTCers I trust have advocated for the whole square pies. I can add you to that list.


yep, absolutely nothing flaccid about the fresh Grandma pie at the SM Blvd branch of Prime!


The corner slices have decent crispness. Of the many whole pies I’ve gotten, only one pie has been botched (WAY too oily).

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I find their square pie slices are better reheated at home you can control the doness a lot better in toaster oven


+1. Partner uses cast-iron skillet to warm them. :slight_smile:

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Pizza in LA has improved exponentially in the last decade or so but this seems a bit much. They lost me at no Pizza Wagon.


Been on a bit of a pizza kick lately.

Went to Danny Boy’s last week, the Sicilian was the best slice I’ve had in a very long time.

Slasher in Echo Park did some serviceable but not outstanding slices.

Still like Pie Life. Better than Slasher, but not destination worthy or anything.

La Sorted doesn’t do slices, but I was impressed by their pies.


Pie Life still rocks.

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yep, a pure bullshit, click bait article…excellent pizza in LA in the last few years…does it beat anything in Brooklyn? ridiculous! Pizza Wagon is from Brooklyn!

Pizza Wagon is great for LA standards but it’s a pretty average slice that you could find in the Tri-State area

Prime seems to think that a thick ass square slice is a “Grandma”. Grandma slices are thin and crispy!

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Funny you say that I stopped by Prime Fairfax the other day. First Prime visit in a couple years.

The grandma slice seemed fresh out of the oven and it was thin and crispy. Maybe not as thin as you mean but definitely thinner than what I remember. Better too imo

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