Best Pizza by the Slice?


I have tried Prime. It’s good, but I rarely find the need to scratch the NY-style pizza itch when I’m in LA. If I have the itch, I just go to NYC.

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by the way, lectroid, i remember Damiano’s(is that the site that is now Prime)as a place known as good pizza if youre drunk and its late and I agree with that…cant see how Prime could be described like that


you mustve been eatin beans 2nite Ipse…DiFara’s is gas…id post a photo but(shame faced) i dont know how to take a photo from one site and post it here…Oy vey


LOL. You’re right. Too much Carmela ice cream.

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i hear ya…when’s the next flight to JFK? i’ll stop at Nick’s on the way to DiFaras


Always EWR for me. Then car service into Manhattan.

Next week for a quick one-nighter.

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gotta know your limits with Carmela’s…ez to OD and get delirious


My experience with Prime has been mixed. Which is to say, a couple times I’ve got slices like the one pictured, which are peerless in LA. But other times the pizza isn’t as good. Consistency is a bit of an issue, but when it’s good it is amazing.

Pro tip: They are a Postmates preferred vendor and will deliver to most of LA for 2.99 delivery charge.


My condolences.

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Agree. Much better than the sadly, declining Vito’s.

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Not quite - Damiano’s is now Jon and Vinny, a bit south of Prime.


ah, thanks for clarification, …Ciao Bob…


It’s the major hub of my favorite airline.


Okay, I gotta give these guys another try. Was underwhelmed on my one visit but it sounds like it might have been an off day.

The thing that makes Patsy’s East Harlem special is it transcends the opposition between coal-fired and slice joints. That is, you can get slices made with shredded mozzarella (instead of @lapizzamaven’s “islands” of mozz) but cooked in a coal-fired oven.

Correct. People often get confused because Dom makes “Neapolitan-American” style pies like the coal-fired places. Also, it’s remarkable how hot he manages to get that old Baker’s Pride. Hotter than most other gas-oven places.

That’s my recollection, too.

BTW, speaking of Baker’s Pride gas ovens, I’ve really been enjoying the grandma pizza at Slicetruck. Not the biggest fan of their round pizza, but the square grandma slices/pies are outstanding.


It’s worth noting that I was able to order Prime with postmates all the way to Frogtown for $2.99. Lukewarm Prime is waaaaay better than hot anything else in NELA.


I’ll take fresh Tomato Pie over lukewarm Prime every time.

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Hit Pizzanista the other night with some friends. Have to say, this place is pretty legit.

The pizza itself is classic NY-street style cooked in gas-powered deck ovens. They have a bunch of slices with different toppings available, including mock meats like vegan pepperoni. Almost all of the ones we tried were very good, but my favorite was the Meat Jesus, which comes with pepperoni, sausage, and bacon:

And the undercarriage shot:

Here’s the vegan version of the Meat Jesus:

I didn’t get to try that one but the verdict was it was good but would have been even better if they used real cheese instead of vegan.

Here’s the white slice:

White slice was pleasantly savory but could’ve used a little more cheese and maybe some garlic. Crust was also a little too stiff and cracker-like.

And here’s the Sicialian:

The Sicilian was the one slice I did not enjoy and would not order again.

I did notice the slices from pies fresh out of the oven were better than those that were reheated. The Meat Jesus, for example, was from a fresh pie, and the crust was perfect, crisp but still pliable enough to fold without cracking.

Overall, we were very pleased and would definitely go again. As an added bonus, there’s plenty of parking at the bar next door. We ate at the restaurant but I believe you can actually order slices at the bar.


Prime was incredible when it first opened. Now it’s a fraction of what it was. Squares were amazing, now they’re shit, wild mushroom slices were everything, took them off… regular dough is too tough… arg.


Prime Pizza was a pretty big miss. It was a fairly standard re-heated pie. They were busy, so I do not think this pizza sat there for a few hours but it was dry, way dry, and I like my pie lightly sauced.

The other complaint is that my pepperoni slice was a bit lacking with the pepperoni. What did I do to deserve such a loaded slice? I paid $1.50 more for this honor.

Let me illustrate:

If less is more, this was the most. If you sold the pepperoni by weight, it would be more expensive than saffron, gold or caviar. A quadruple pepperoni would be about right based on their coverage, to make sure I got some pep in every bite.

The crust did, however, have hints of what must have started out pretty good. A little chew, though toaster oven crispy because of the reheating.

Now, the Brooklyn was bit better. Though it too skimped on the toppings.

A little airy, moister, not dry at all. Lack of toppings pissed me off.

Not to harp on it, ok yes I am. Nothing pisses me off more than getting a bacon cheeseburger and having one strip or getting a salt bagel and it looks like a schmuck took a tweezers and affixed 3 or 4 flecks of salt.

And I broke my low-carb diet for this?

Next time, I get a whole pie, If they f— that up they can piss off.

Back to Grimaldis!


My all-time best slices of pizza are the corn pizza at Zelo and the York at Dough Box.